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Started by bcetindra, Oct 13, 2022, 01:14 AM

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Good day.
We plan to gradually transfer our sites to the https protocol. There will be several domain names and subdomains registered for one physical face.
It is planned to sell digital content through websites.
 What type (or class) of SSL certificate should I choose so that it solves our tasks (sales, domain validation on physical face)?
 What is the minimum cost of the certificate?
 Which certification authority do you recommend using?
 Which dealer sells certificates at the lowest price?


I use letsencrypt.
Whether you have a green stripe or not, they will not buy more from this (few people know about these stripes at all). And since payment usually goes through payment gateways, there they have their own SSL certificates with their green stripes.

Few points in favor of Lets Encrypt:
    It is not difficult to get them (in three clicks, literally)
,  their renewal is automatic - the certificate can be said to be eternal
    It is from those who initiated the transition to https and in any case it will be quoted normally

It seems to me that many paid certificates are inferior to them.


We can also talk about different versions of SSL and TLS and about hierarchy.
After all, there is a root certificate with which the channels of the largest CA (Verisign) are signed, and so on. That is, the whole system is based on trust in the CA. The scheme is as follows:

Client (c): Who are you?
Server(s): I am
c: What can you prove?
s: Well, SmallCA knows me
c: What's with that for me? Why should I trust its words?
s: Verisign certifies the authenticity of its answer.
c: Oh, VeriSign! Then I believe you. Everyone knows Verisign. A serious office. It is listed on NASDAQ. She also owns Thawte.