DDoS server attacks

Started by jayden89, Oct 04, 2022, 12:56 AM

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jayden89Topic starter

For the third week already, the number of appeals in the last 24 hours has exceeded 23.7 million appeals, protection has been given to a surrogate, it still does not help.
Tell me from experienced someone, if you file a landos on html on another domain and do 301 on it with a non-working website, can this somehow save the situation? The number of servers has already been increased to 7, it still does not help.
they put a sericite, I think it's more serious. It still doesn't help completely.


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Configure incoming traffic filtering:
Ensure that you can collect information about typical and atypical traffic, determine the characteristics of "good" traffic to compare with this sample of incoming requests. As in the case of CDN, access black/white lists can be used as an additional measure to basic DDoS protection.
It is important to check who you whitelist and remember that this method does not guarantee protection from powerful attacks.

If nothing helps, throw traffic into a black hole:
This method is only suitable for quickly repelling an attack in the event that you missed some of the points described above, and now the site cannot cope with the flow of malicious requests.
Blackholing – redirecting traffic from the attacked page to a non-existent resource (the so-called black hole) or blocking it. The method is fraught with a drop in performance, a decrease in traffic (as well as the attacked page or asset becomes unavailable, that is, the hаcker reaches his goal).
But, blackholing is a working method if you plan to repel an attack and then seriously engage in strengthening security. Fortunately, the vast majority of DDoS attacks are of a short-term nature.