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Started by Ekatherina, Jun 23, 2022, 03:37 AM

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EkatherinaTopic starter

Looking for someone to help resolve issues with named and httpd on a DirectAdmin VPS I have at Ramnode.
Would prefer someone in the Pacific time zone, but 3 to four hours before or after that would be OK too.
I have used Proalix support in the past, but they are in Russia and invariably my problems are noticed when I'm awake



Based in the UK - but if thats not an issue then would be happy to help.

otherwise, hope you find someone soon.


PS if its resold to you - can you not ask your provider for assistance ?



Are you still facing the issue?. You can try contact directadmin support they will help you solve or you can explain the issue clearly so we can try to help you.


I am new to this matter, but I have already gone through a lot, and now I am faced with some questions.
Previously, I bought hosting, then reselling, even later VPS|VDS, and finally a dedicated server.
I decided to sell hosting and reselling services on it!
Now the task has become to additionally organize VPS|VDS for its sale!

As I understand it, one VDSManager license is installed on each physical server, which allows you to create several root servers (virtual) on one physical server, I hope I'm right here?
Second, having access to creating accounts (packages) for a future customer, can I limit it in traffic throughput using VDSManager?
So that it does not happen that out of 1000mbps, 100mbps is enough for one client, the second clogs with traffic so that the third one does not have the ability to work normally at all !!!
Interested in the possibility of limiting the bandwidth of the channel for each client, is it present and set when creating service packages?