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Started by dragon, Nov 16, 2022, 10:19 AM

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Is it worth buying web hosting for site or is it better to buy hosting for email?
Will it be possible to create an email business on the purchased hosting, but on which there is no website yet?
It's just that web site hosting comes out cheaper (500 email addresses are included there) on email hosting - only 5 and the price is twice as much.
If so, will it be possible to use the email created on the hosting for the site in Outlook?

Thank you.


You can use any web hosting for site, if the tariff implies mail support, and hang up the site later. The main thing to remember is that any hosting has limits.
On hosting sites with filtering incoming mail for spam, the situation is really worse than on services Gmail , Yahoo .
Theoretically, there can also be troubles with outgoing mail, everything depends on the hosting provider and the attention he pays to the support of the mail service.


The creation process on any server consists of a certain number of steps.
Usually there are no more than five of them. Each step is necessary because it is a component of one process. You can't skip them. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Domain confirmation. A necessary step that will allow you to specify your own corporate domain in the name of the mailbox, and not a faceless one " ". There is a separate instruction for the domain confirmation process.
Step 2: Adding an MX record. This is an entry pointing to the server that processes the mail. First you need to choose which mail service you will use, and then check if the MX record has been configured before. Otherwise they will conflict.
Step 3: Adding an SFP record. This entry defines the list of servers from which mail messages can be sent. This reduces the risk of getting into spam and significantly increases the level of security. It is by SFP recording that any system checks for spam.
Step 4: Adding a DKIM signature. Such a signature serves as proof that the letter came from the real sender, and not from a scam bot. The system automatically places such messages in the inbox.
Step 5: Add users. The final stage of the process. As part of this step, employees are added to the mail network and each is assigned a unique login, as well as their own password.
One important feature when creating corporate mail: we choose among the tariffs those that offer maximum opportunities for doing modern business. So you can save a lot.
After all, the basic mail (albeit properly configured) may not be enough for all the needs of the corporation. Now it's worth looking at which system to connect to and where to create employee accounts.