Looking for AWS Expert to Build an Ec2 Instance with Cpanel

Started by Mazaykina, Jun 24, 2022, 01:27 PM

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MazaykinaTopic starter

Looking for AWS Expert to Build an Ec2 Instance with Cpanel, Route53, AWS load balancer with the config I give.
Please contact me if you are an expert in this vertical and get it done fast as possible.


We can help you with setting up EC2 Instance with cPanel on AWS and can get it done asap.

Please ping us to start.


SPanel from Scala Hosting offers a universal hosting platform for managing VPS cloud web services. It is a simple and fast replacement for cPanel with additional advantages. You will get better security, faster websites and 100% email delivery.
Users can manage AWS, DigitalOcean and ScalaHosting servers via SPanel, working as a universal web hosting solution.

Each user gets access to an interface for managing forwarding servers, email, anti-spam settings, databases, SSL certificates, DNS zones, domain names, and many others. The server owner can access the admin interface to manage all accounts, add, change and delete accounts, unblock or suspend websites, change passwords, etc.

You can see the health and status of the server, restart individual web services, or restart the entire server. SPanel supports Nginx, LiteSpeed Enterprise, OpenLiteSpeed and Apache web servers. Thanks to that, you can get a faster loading speed of your site, which is important for SEO ranking and attracting visitors.
SPanel allows you to migrate your sites without downtime. You can also host a variety of emails, databases, and websites without worrying about restrictions. Each website will have a free SSL encryption certificate that is installed and updated automatically.

In addition, you can easily choose any version of PHP starting from 5.4. With SPanel, you have everything from management to protecting your server. You can test SPanel for free in the demo version.

cPanel on Kamatera
cPanel is a popular web hosting control panel with a graphical interface and automation tools to simplify regular website maintenance tasks. It is a three-tier structure that offers end-user website owners, resellers and administrators the ability to control various aspects of server and website management through a web interface.

cPanel also offers API-based and command-line access, which allows developers, third-party software vendors, and web hosting providers to apply different usage models to their functions. Kamatera allows you to choose your preferred cPanel version whenever you create a new server.
After installing it, you can start using its GUI to manage all aspects of your server, from FTP access and email accounts to deploying new websites and configuring your web server.
Kamatera also offers other control panels such as Plesk, Webmin and Vesta.

Cloudways managed hosting platform, focused on digital agencies and e-commerce enterprises, provides peace of mind. It promises commissioning within minutes, ensuring that they take care of all the complexities of setting up or migrating a site. Managed hosting options include WordPress, Magento, Laravel, and custom PHP applications.