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Started by ajivets, Oct 24, 2022, 02:52 AM

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Good day for all!
Tell me one moment.
There are two mx records:

The first record has a priority of 10, and the second has 20
Both servers are available.
But the difference is that there is a mailbox on the second server (where the priority is lower than 20). , and on the first (where the priority is higher-10) there is no.
So the letter gets to the server from mx1 if there is no such mailbox, it will not reach mx2 and a bump will come that this mailbox does not exist?


The solutions are obvious:
- disconnect the server from mx1 so that everything comes to mx2
- swap the priorities of MX records, but mail will not come if the first server is unavailable
for some reason.
- create a mailbox on the server with mx1
- make sure that all the mailboxes are on the same server, keep the second server as a backup, it should not have mailboxes, but in order to receive all the mail from your domain,
the main server should access this and retrieve mail after failures or power off.
- on the mx1 server, for any mailbox, configure multipop - mail collection from the mx2 server from the mailbox
- raise and configure the server as a mail gateway. it doesn't have its own mailboxes, but it accepts domain mail and forwards it to your servers.


With such a migration, the primary task is to create a common address space. With their own servers - it's possible, with google it probably won't work.
The bottom line is that on the google side, you need to configure the forward of the letter to the addressees of the postfix to the postfix, and on the postfix side, the transport card to google boxes to google (you can also forward to MDA, for example dovkote, but this is a finger in the sky). The problem is that google will consider itself the end for your domain and will most likely cut such letters from the postfix as forged.


MX record is a txt record that contains information about mail servers that process mail.
If the MX record on the recipient's side is configured incorrectly or it does not exist, then emails will not be delivered to him.
Configure the MX record on the website of the service provider that provided the domain. You need to log in to your personal account, go to the domain management section and add an entry.
There are two ways to check whether the MX record is working - through an online service or through the command line on the desktop.