Who and why makes a DDOS attacks?

Started by amomswish, Aug 25, 2022, 02:05 AM

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amomswishTopic starter

how to find out who and why makes a DDOS attack on domains?
we are not a legal entity at all, some websites on domains had 2-3 visitors per day, and a serious attack on our domains is underway.
why? who needs it?

the attack is not on all domains on the VPS, but on 7 out of two dozen.
Changing the IP won't do anything. the attacker makes requests to websites by domain name, not by host IP.


And who told you that there was some kind of attack going on? Hosting providers love to say this without understanding when everything is dumb from their overselling, then selling more expensive tariffs and additional services. I encounter this very often. When you change the host and it turns out there were no attacks, but there was just an overloaded webserver.

If the website falls after 100 visits, it is very sad. I knew a hosting provider who perceived visits from any sites as a DDoS attack, and told that nonsense to clients. Although they write over there that there were 100 million requests, these figures do not inspire confidence.