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Started by lovtzova, Aug 26, 2022, 02:20 AM

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Help me understand, for instance, I put a domain name to GoDaddy auction, premium listing and it can only be seen for sale on GoDaddy.
I put it on gray, different registrars see it, but it is not visible in the GoDaddy .
But on the instance of the domain, it appears as a Premium, while it is visible everywhere and in the premium listing of the god and the sedo itself and many other registrars, even on
Where did the owner originally put it up for sale?

if there is any manual? I will be very grateful, where to read (see) how it's done.


There is no secret.
The domain name is listed at the GoDaddy listing and on Sedo MLS, which has placed it on all other sites. This is the essence of Sedo MLS. The GoDaddy
website is not included in the list of their partners.

putting up a domain on the GoDaddy auction is paid, but if the domain is put up for sale on, then the domain automatically appears on the GoDaddy auction and simply, if you search for domains on GoDaddy, it does not display the inscription "domain busy ", but like a free, premium domain with a price.
But for some reason, the cost on GoDaddy will be higher than the cost that you indicate on
Maybe someone will need that info..