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Started by keith.bowman, Nov 16, 2022, 03:27 AM

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The actual situation. There is a small "home" hosting for its own clients. The whole structure is raised on the ispsystem panels.
And so... These faggots unscrupulous developers have come up with the following PR of additional products. If my client buys a panel for server management, then when entering this panel there is an ADVERTISEMENT guess who?
Here, the fucking ispsystem. That is, a person purchases a paid product, puts it on his server and sees an advertisement. It is useless to rebuild the panel - it is updated. In this connection, the question is whether there are similar systems on the market for hosting (preferably paid), to which you can switch from these tiny devices.

Thank you all in advance.


In my opinion, the most adequate and flexible from a technical point of view and with an adequate community (though mostly English-speaking) and documentation is directadmin (really the most flexible panel, although also not without nuances like any other, however).
 ispsystem, again in my opinion, is just terrible from a technical point of view. I have encountered, worked and know how different panels and their features work from the inside, and this judgment is far from superficial..
If you are interested, I can advise you on all technical and not only points (for instance, how to legally reduce the cost of a license).


Virtual hosting
Shared hosting is a type of hosting in which many websites are located on a single web server

Why is it needed:
For your customers, this service will provide

access to their website for any Internet user at any time from anywhere in the world
the ability to organize their mail domains
the ability to store their files on a remote server
This allows you to meet the needs of most customers in hosting and get a small service at cost

Hardware Requirements Link to Hardware Requirements
To organize this type of service, you will need only one dedicated server (or virtual dedicated server). Its resources are distributed among users. At the same time, you can sell these resources by organizing various tariff plans.

A great bonus will be a good extensibility of this type of hosting: if your server resources have run out, then you can buy another one and connect it to the system. At the same time, no additional configuration is required.

How can I earn a Link to How can I earn
Virtual hosting services are compared and described according to quantitative restrictions:

disk space size;
the amount of monthly traffic;
the number of sites that can be hosted within one hosting service;
the number of databases and the amount of space for databases;
the number of mailboxes and FTP accounts.
quality constraints:

free CPU and RAM resources that affect the server performance.