Hosting with ready-made VPS for VPN

Started by jahanzaibkhan, Sep 29, 2022, 02:40 AM

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jahanzaibkhanTopic starter

Previously, there were such hosting providers that allowed you to order a VPS with a turnkey VPN installed.
Help me remember their names.


I use it for my personal page and as a VPN server (kvm).
Lithuania, there are no problems with locks.
OpenVPN is raised, ftps, https, transmission are spinning.
There are no problems. 150 holds to the server, from the server - depending on the region, but generally not bad.
openvz starts from 4 euros, kvm from 6.


I used the services of a hosting provider VDS.SH . Taking into account the fact that not all providers allow the use of VPS as a VPN server, I will list those who exactly allow:


If you have reliable information about which hosting providers allow the use of VPS as a VPN server, then share the information.
For those who need access to sites blocked in the Russian Federation, you need to take a server outside of Russia. It can be DigitalOcean or linode – from inexpensive hosting.
If you are going to use the server only as a VPN server, then you do not need additional control panels, such as ISPmanager. Don't order them.