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Started by Socialmarketing, Oct 23, 2022, 04:39 AM

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Hello all.
Instructed to find a platform through which we can sell video courses. But there are a number of conditions for video protection:
- copy protection (DRM);
- the validity period of the link to view;
- without intermediary payment systems, i.e. payment for content directly to our website;

We managed to find several platforms such as boomstream and
boomstream - everything seems to be fine, the option is still under study. - is not satisfied with the withdrawal system through the payment system.

Perhaps somebody knows similar platforms, please tell me?


don't you know how to do broadcasts? the campaign has never been broadcast over the Internet, not radio or television, this is a hint.
If you do not have certain specialists, namely programmers.
Servers should only have their own, you don't want to be taken by the hook.
And estimate how much power there should be. you can't leave in rented cars.
Right now, if I tell you how much will come out on the equipment on average, it's 800,000
there are 4 square cards you need to put.
50 gigabit grid of 4 channels...

All this is what you are offered is a hat.
A serious player right now is contact, Google . Mail is a little bastard, he realized who he is. They had a programmer, then one of the creatures sat him down. Yandex will not go further, I do not recommend anyone to go to mail, it demands to write openly, then just when everything works, he will make several casts when it does not work and when it works and will send you. And hire a friend who will understand your code.
I will not take up your project, I just led an analog project.
You just want a ready-made network and you don't want to hit a finger on a finger.

Since I was 18 years old, I've been killing myself at night, I've been sitting up studying, and you've come here to you. yes, it's not a problem to give you a service. If they would have helped me, but they didn't want to help me, that's why I'm writing to help you.
Although.. Yes, don't pull it.. you are looking for a lot of services..
start doing broadcasts through Google. Right now I'll just stupidly say how you can with your knowledge.
google closed broadcast by link. I really hope you caught the info about radio broadcasting, it's done.. I apologize for the mistakes because you are not who I read as is.


It is better not to go online with such a case.
The competition is cosmic.
It's easier to record videos on discs, put a grandmother in the bazaar and let her sell. I really say that the increase in customers will be good.
And there are pirates everywhere. And in Europe they are, and in the USA, and in China and in Finland, and there are Very Happy sites and torrents
But watch the logic.
If the customer is at the bazaar. He can't get his phone out and see if there are such lessons on the Internet. He will buy or pass by.
And if the client is on the Internet, he will immediately Google "download ***** video tutorials for free" and most likely that he will find them and download them. And if not, then he will buy it and post it on his website for free for the influx of customers.
If you have a brand, there is a roof, there is a ball to hire those who will remove pirates, then you can already use the Internet for a fee. And so only for free.
There is also a working method. Many people use it.
The video is shorter and sells until it pops up on the torrent. Then it becomes free Very Happy Naturally, more people crawl to your official website for the original free video than edited, cropped with removed watermarks on the torrent.


ILIAS is a free learning system with forums and personal blogs:
A free online learning platform from Germany that is used by schools and universities around the world. It was established in 1997.
To get started, you need to install ILIAS on the company's servers. At the same time, the platform has open source code. This means that any company can modify the platform to suit its tasks. For example, change the design or add additional features.

ILIAS Features
Configuration via plugins. You can expand the standard set of ILIAS features through free and paid plugins, of which there are 93 at the time of writing.
Intuitive interface. The platform was designed for German students, so the ILIAS interface is similar to a social network and convenient to work with.
The most important thing for learning.
To work with students, ILIAS has an editor for tests and surveys, a mailing service, a built-in chat for communication, forums, a learning calendar, a reporting system, integration with the PayPal payment acceptance service.
Personal blog. Every student in ILIAS has an account. Here he can take courses assigned to him by the administrator and maintain a personal blog accessible to other users of the platform.

iSpring Learn — a platform for corporate online learning:
iSpring online Learning platform iSpring offers a comprehensive solution for corporate online learning. It includes the iSpring Learn learning portal and the iSpring Suite course builder. The solution is focused on the rapid launch of online learning.

Features of iSpring:
Course builder. With the help of iSpring Suite, you can create educational content: courses, tests, interactive simulators and screencasts.
Unlimited storage. An unlimited number of files can be uploaded to iSpring Learn.
Integration with other services. iSpring Learn integrates seamlessly with other client systems via an open API. For example, it can be a personnel system or a corporate portal.
Quick launch of the platform. The platform does not need to be configured for a long time. It is enough to register, download courses and invite users.
How to try the platform
You can request trial access on the official website by filling out the form. You will receive an email with two links: the transition to the training portal and the iSpring Suite software installer.

Content support
iSpring Learn supports e-courses in SCORM format. Courses created in the iSpring Suite and published in iSpring Learn allow you to collect detailed training statistics, as with the xAPI standard (Tin Can).

Presentations, images, videos and audio files can also be uploaded to the platform. If you want to view text files on the platform, then convert them using iSpring Flip (included in the Suite) before downloading. The volume of downloaded files, as well as the storage itself, is unlimited.

Content creation
The iSpring Suite course designer is responsible for creating educational content. This is an add-in for PowerPoint that allows you to create e-courses from presentations. The Suite includes six modules that allow you to create interactive courses, tests, interactive simulators, video courses and books.

User Management
New users can be registered manually, automatically by a list from a CSV file, or invited by email. There is also a self—registration function - an employee enters the portal, registers and takes the necessary course.

Users can be grouped into groups and organizations, enroll them in courses and training programs, and send them messages. If you conduct face-to-face trainings, you can create an event in the calendar, and after the training, enter the results into the system.