Redirect when logging from mobile devices

Started by sam, Aug 19, 2022, 02:35 AM

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samTopic starter

Hi, our site opens normally in browsers. And two weeks ago it opened on mobile devices of the android, iOS, etc. families.

Now everything is in order opens in computer browsers. And on mobile devices there is a redirect to other sites.
tell me what's the matter and how to deal with it? That has never happened before..


it's a virus. Look for base64

dig everywhere - start with index.php in both root and template. if you find it - and it should be at the very beginning of the file - then go through the website with a search for files with text - take the beginning of the code, which will be written in base64.

Demolish everywhere.

Defend - find the vulnerability she entered and patch it up. Look at the logs for the modification of the files in which you find it - when it was made, by the date already look for a hаck point.

Update the engine to the latest version, if it is JCE or JCK - also update, both are vulnerable, the vulnerabilities are closed in the latest versions.

Update all components.

Change all passwords - admin panel, ftp ... do not store them in file managers and browsers - enter them manually each time. Don't make them primitive  - that's about how it should be.

Then you need to look at the website to recommend.