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Started by, Jun 29, 2022, 01:13 AM

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I am looking for a residential VoIP service for the US where I can port over my current VoIP phone number & use the service outside the US.

That, & it's unlimited minutes, visual call display, 3way conferencing, call waiting & call block.

I'm SHOCKED at how many companies REFUSE to provide you service if you are outside North America.

I'm currently with ACN & have been since 2012.

I'm happy 90% of the time with the quality of the line & digital phone adapter & they even give you unlimited minutes to landlines worldwide & some free minutes for cell phones, but that's only for countries like China & India which I don't call.

My issue is with the company itself & the fact that they have NO call block if you can believe that, so I'm constantly harassed by call spammers.

Their site is terrible, their staff is usually very low on the intelligence scale & that includes customer service.

Now I can't even speak to a manager in CS b/c I have to put in a request & wait 24 hours. Then if she calls me & I'm not around to answer it I have to put in ANOTHER call & wait ANOTHER 24 hours.

Their live chat used to be a lot better so if my phone wasn't working properly, I could get someone to call me on my cell phone, but NOW they treat me like garbage & act like robots.

The managers aren't bad, they are smart, nice & they compensate me for all the stress I have to go through, but I shouldn't have to go thru the stress every single time I call which is very very rare.

And in the last year or so tech support has started refusing to help me just because I'm outside the US.

I've been a 6 1/2 year customer & this is how I'm treated.


I've tried to find other solutions, but like I said, they all refuse my business just b/c I'm outside the US & some even charge by the minute which is NUTS.

I'm seeing a lot ore VoIP services for the EU which I find strange. Where's all the American ones?


Good points. I use it for messaging mostly. Another option may be to look into the internet satellte dish companies.
When i lived in a remote rural city i only was able to use satellite for my internet. The company also offered voip. Since i did not use the companys voip, i cant post the name here .


One of the reasons most voip providers are most likely not willing to provide you with voip service outside the US with a US number probably relates to their brand reputation and concerns over service quality.
VOIP services are highly latency sensitive and if the VOIP carrier is located in the US and you are overseas, at an absolute minimum, you are probably 150ms of latency away.

Given that VOIP voice quality starts becoming noticeably degrading around 180ms and has easily perceived delays at 250ms, the potential service quality issues make it such that it does not make sense for a US VOIP provider to offer service overseas as there is strong potential for support issues due to the latency.
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What server/ip do you register to and when you do a ping to that server / ip what do you get for latency? Please also note, that my comment was a generality and why providers have that as their general policy.
I am sure that if a providers servers in the US are located in the perfect spot relative to where you are in the world and you have a descent internet connection, you can possible get under 200ms and have an "acceptable" service level.

However, from the providers perspective, it is not worth their time to accept worldwide signups from 100 people for only 5 of them to have an acceptable experience.