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Need a VDS to install OpenVPN. The channel is 100 m / bit, torrents are possible and the channel is fully loaded in the evenings (so that it is not blocked for this).
Location abroad to ignore prohibitions and sanctions. Payment by bank cards or crypto.
Everyone can be offered.


You need a dedicated server. in this case with a guaranteed channel of 100 Mbits
Look at Inferno https://cp.inferno.name/cart.php  discount code LETO2022 at the first order - 25% VDS and VPS (for 1,3,6 months). Countries to choose from VPN

tariffs in Europe https://vpsdom.net
Speed 100 mbps/sec

We will help you install OpenVPN


Not any server is suitable for VPN . On the Internet, you can find many hosting providers that provide this service. I have found and tested several cheapest hosting providers that are fully compatible with our method.

■ VDSina – I recommend:

The server is located in the Netherlands;
Connection speed: 500 Mbit/s;
The cost of the cheapest server: $5 per month;