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Started by ldhsuo, Oct 13, 2022, 04:30 AM

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We will talk about a service for webmasters that allows you to conveniently, quickly, efficiently and affordably store and give video files. provides disk space and bandwidth.
You don't need to use your server for this! Don't think about HDD/MEM/CPU/NIC. Just download the video and get access to the files!

How did you create a video or tube site before? We searched for a server, picked up disks, memory, raid, network card, etc.
There's no need for that now. Register, select a tariff and create a zone.

The whole process takes 5 minutes, no need to wait until the server is installed, no need to configure anything, etc. suitable for any projects - where there is no traffic and where it is tens of gigabits.

What happens if traffic grows or if more space is needed? Nothing - you just change the tariff, you don't need to reconfigure or move to another server. The tariff can be changed 1 time in 7 days. Traffic increased - the tariff was changed, fell - returned back. The Kernel Video Sharing script is connected in 1 minute.
There is also hotlink protection, connecting your domain with SSL, speed settings. MP4/HLS support.

To get started with you need to:
 Create a new zone
 Upload the video to the zone (FTP/S3)
 Access the uploaded videos via the EDGE URL.

You can find the prices on the website
Tech. support and questions:
Telegram: @alt_cdn