What special hosting services do you offer to your clients?

Started by lotuscontainer05, Today at 01:50 AM

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I'm mainly interested in how many people on these forums are doing something other than regular hosting, for example, how many people provide PBX hosting or Quickbooks hosting with Citrix XenApp, This is jane's web hosting plan, VPS, with WHMCS as a billing platform and cPanel as a control panel, which is fine, but..
and then Hosted PBX, SIP trunks, Citrix Desktop, Office365, AZURE cloud resale, etc. - we will learn how our business has evolved to offer these types of complex or specialized hosting solutions.


We used to advertise the Asterisk FreePBX system, but only because they were previously sold to existing customers. That's why we removed it from web site. But we have many servers that host more than just web sites. The bottom line is to try to be software independent for your customers. This will let them know that everything can be done.

The problem of doing things like Hosted Quickbooks using a remote application, for example, is very slow for most people.
Even with good hardware So it's only necessary in special cases, it's much better to use RDP. But that would open up the server to other problems.
But to answer your question, yes, many of us host more than just web sites.