Managed cPanel VPS Hosting | AMD 9 Ryzen 5900X 🚀 As low as £38.35/month!

Started by Kovtalo, Jun 17, 2022, 12:31 PM

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HostXNow offers Managed VPS Hosting running on High Quality AMD 9 Ryzen 5900X servers with the fastest NVMe SSD storage and up to 3Gbit/s Uplink!

Currently, all our VPS Hosting packages are hosted in London, UK. Depending on demand, we may offer alternative locations in the future.

But that is not all. Signup for one year, two years, or three years in advance to receive up to a MASSIVE 35% recurring (YES, RECURRING) discount!

1 year = 15% discount
2 years = 25% discount
3 years = 35% discount

Quality VPS Hosting from as low as £38.35/month!

With enhanced resources and few customers per VPS node, our VPS hosting plans optimised for WordPress are lightning-fast & highly secure! They provide peak performance and premium software such as cPanel, ImunifyAV, Kernelcare and WordPress Toolkit, and FREE 75GB Acronis Backup Storage at no extra charge.

We do not charge any setup fees for our VPS packages.


Hosting service is mostly satisfactory, technical support is average with good response times. But the hidden limitations in hosting/server plans are annoying. Restrictions appear at the most unexpected moment with the answer "NOTHING CAN HELP".
Q: "I need a mail delivery report."
A: "You must pay for it."
Q: OK. Paid .. where is it?
A: "It won't work without 100 emails a day."
Q: "This is a special internal web application - there are not 100 emails a day."
A: "We can't help."

Q: I can't backup very complex PROCEDURES in MySQL due to lack of permissions - the qualifier changes somehow after logout.
A: You cannot manage PROCEDURES on a VPS without root access. Migrate to VPS with ROOT.
Q: Why is this option available if no one on the planet can access it for modification or backup. Can I access a terminal with read-only su access to a procedure?
A: NO - "We can't help you."

Therefore, I recommend it to all those who do not need the specific functionality of this service, who expect all the options in cPanel and WHM to work as usual - although, it may all be just "NOTHING CAN HELP".