Needed powerful VPS hosting for a large project

Started by DiHard, Jul 09, 2022, 12:43 AM

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For a large project, I need a powerful VPS hosting.
We need not inexpensive VPS hosting with a large number of visitors (we know well - PLESK,  but the main thing is that the panel should already have a solid antivirus).
Propose VPS with the following parameters: Disk - 300000 - 900000 (minimum 100000), memory 4000 - 8000 (minimum 4000), machine, processor 4500 - 6500 (minimum 2700).

We have projects: 1 site with an advertising prof. theme in HTML, all the rest in PHP.
9 - promoted bulletin boards with high traffic, 1 powerful forum, 1 site - labor exchange, and there will be powerful social network in 3 months.
There are 4 domains and 10 subdomains in the account.


We can offer VPS-4 for a special promotion:
4x3700 Mhz processor
2 dedicated ip
unlimited traffic
DDoS protection


It is possible to increase resources - this is discussed individually with the client!


VPS hosting has long been recognized as one of the ways to help businesses reduce costs and improve work efficiency. By isolating applications within a single virtual server, VPS provides a high level of privacy, security and control. However, although VPS allows you to reduce hardware costs and allows you to run multiple operating systems or software suites on separate virtual servers simultaneously, this solution does not scale very well.

Cloud hosting is virtual machines (VMs) in the cloud or IaaS (infrastructure as a service). With such hosting, physical servers are combined into a cluster, and storage systems are combined into a data storage network (SAN).
Cloud hosting can be divided into two categories: Private and Public. The first one is more expensive, but it is better protected and provides more opportunities for self-configuration, control over users and hosted data. In the case of a public cloud, a server cluster is used by several clients, in the case of a private one.


A virtual dedicated web server is the optimal type of hosting for most large projects. With such a tariff, the web  site gets more physical resources and complete freedom in management.
Here you can select the desired operating system, create your own software configurations and make fine-tuning. The subscriber uses powerful dedicated resources and does not depend on neighbors on the web  server.

Virtual machine capabilities. VDS/VPS is a web  hosting format in which a powerful physical server is divided into several parts using hardware virtualization. Thus, on one hardware, the provider deploys the required number of virtual machines, each of which is leased.

This format differs from cheap web hosting options not only in the amount of resources allocated and the number of neighbors.
An important feature of VDS/VPS is the complete isolation of projects hosted on a common hardware. Due to that, the performance of the sites adjacent to the server does not depend on each other. The second advantage is full root access. Thanks to unlimited administrative rights, the user chooses the software himself, installs the necessary add-ons and configures web hosting for his project. The functional part of VDS/VPS is in no way inferior to dedicated servers, with an obvious price advantage.