Powerful VPS hosting for a large project

Started by DiHard, Jul 09, 2022, 12:43 AM

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For a major project, my requirement is a high-performance VPS hosting. We need VPS hosting that is not cheap, but has the capability to handle a large number of visitors. PLESK is a platform we are familiar with, but it's essential that the panel has a robust antivirus already installed.

We are looking for a VPS with the following specifications: Disk space should be between 300000 to 900000 (minimum 100000), memory should be between 4000 to 8000 (minimum 4000), machine processor should be between 4500 to 6500 (minimum 2700).

In our portfolio, we have one website built in HTML with an advertising professional theme, and all the other projects are built in PHP. There are nine popular bulletin boards with high traffic, a powerful forum, a labor exchange website, and we plan to launch a powerful social network in three months. Additionally, there are four domains and ten subdomains in the account.


We have a special promotion for VPS-4 that includes 200GB SSD, 4x3700 Mhz processor, 8GB RAM, 2 dedicated IPs, unlimited traffic, and DDoS protection for $50/month. If you require more resources, we can discuss it with you individually.


VPS hosting is a cost-effective and efficient way for businesses to operate. VPS provides privacy, security, and control by isolating applications within a single virtual server. However, it does not scale very well despite allowing for reduced hardware costs and the ability to run multiple operating systems or software suites on separate virtual servers simultaneously.

Cloud hosting, on the other hand, offers virtual machines in the cloud or IaaS. Physical servers are combined into a cluster and storage systems are connected via a data storage network (SAN). Cloud hosting can be divided into two categories: Private and Public. Although the former is more expensive, it offers better protection and more opportunities for self-configuration, user control, and hosted data. A server cluster is shared by several clients in a public cloud, while a private cloud is solely dedicated to one client.


For most large projects, virtual dedicated web server hosting is the optimal type of hosting. With this plan, the website receives more physical resources and complete freedom in management. The subscriber can select their desired operating system, create their own software configurations, and fine-tune the server. The user has access to powerful dedicated resources and does not depend on neighbors on the server.

Virtual machine capabilities of VDS/VPS hosting involve a powerful physical server divided into several parts using hardware virtualization. This format differs from cheaper web hosting options in terms of resources allocated and number of neighbors. VDS/VPS hosting offers complete isolation of projects hosted on a common hardware, ensuring that the performance of adjacent sites does not depend on each other.

Additionally, it provides full root access, allowing users unlimited administrative rights to choose which software to install, add-ons to use, and configure web hosting for their project. Functionally, VDS/VPS hosting is no inferior to dedicated servers and offers an obvious pricing advantage.