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Started by mickyrobert, Sep 19, 2022, 03:47 AM

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We are glad to offer you services for renting SSD VPS / VDS servers.
For our clients we offer 2 types of tariff plans for renting VPS/ VDS servers:
ONLY SSD tariff plans, which include web hosting VPS clients on servers with SSD drives to host sites and projects requiring performance and speed of return, as well as hybrid SATA+SAS tariff plans, which include placement on SATA disks with a SAS cache to host non-demanding projects or scripts.

Our tariff plans:
A free ISPmanager 6 Lite license is available for hosting web sites, depending on the tariff plan.

VPS is based on servers with E5-2650 and E5-1650 processors, on KVM hardware virtualization.
Servers are placed in several data centers: St. Petersburg and Moscow.

For ONLY SSD VPS tariff plans, a place on the backup server is provided on request. The amount of backup storage depends on the selected tariff plan.

In addition to VPS / VDS rental services, we offer backup storage rental - $0.02 for 1 GB. For active clients, with the service of renting a VPS server, the expansion of the backup storage size is carried out at a price of $0.01 per 1 GB.

As part of the basic administration, free transfer of sites and data is offered.
For online stores, an order of SSL certificates is available at affordable prices from $10 a year for the Comodo Positive SSL certificate. When ordering a certificate for 2 or more years, a reduced price is valid.

Payment methods

More than 20 electronic payment methods are available to pay for services, such as: bank cards, as well as the increasingly popular payment in the crypto currency Bitcoin. For non-cash payment, payment is available for individuals. and legal entities.

Our services:

Rent a VPS SSD from $5.

Hybrid VPS rental $2.

Additional services:

SSL certificates: The price of SSL

Backup hosting: Order backup web hosting

Our contacts:

Web site: vds4you.com
Sales Department: sales@vds4you.com
We will be glad to see you among our customers!