VPS: Ashburn, Bend, Charlotte, Dallas & NY datacenter options - Starting at $7.4

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Tier company.Net, owned by the USA and with offices in New York, Florida and Texas, operates in strategically located data centers in the USA and beyond! Appreciate the highest level of hosting and related services only in Tier.Net! Innovative, reliable and fast! Tier.Net offers shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated cloud and co-hosted services at competitive prices.
Tier.Net hires its own staff. Fully own network and server equipment And certified technologies are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so that your online investments are exceptionally successful!

Choose one of the data center options in the USA:
- On the east coast in Ashburn (Virginia) and Latham (New York)*
- Also on the east coast in Charlotte (North Carolina) and Staten Island (New York) with free DDoS protection.
- On the West Coast in Bend (Oregon) with free DDoS protection
- In the central part of the USA in Dallas (Texas) with free protection against DDoS attacks

Recommended Tier.Net VPS:

VPS Powerhouse XXL 435 GB SSD
- Discrete CPU cores with a clock speed of 4 GHz + in Turbo mode!
- 16 GB of DDR4 RAM
- 435 GB of a clean SSD disk
- SolusVM control Panel
- Bandwidth: 5 TB at 1 Gbit/s
- 4 IPv4, /64 IPv6
- easy operation
- 99.99% uptime SLA
- Automatic backup of photos
- Free migration assistance
- DDoS protection is enabled
- Choose one of the data center options in Ashburn. (Virginia), Bend (Oregon), Charlotte (North Carolina), Dallas (Texas) and Staten Island (New York).
- Fast support 24/7/365
Only $34.95 per month or $395.00 per year!
Click here for more information or to order online.


Other popular add-ons Tier.Net VPS Powerhouse:

Technical characteristics of the VPS node
Processor: Dual Intel Xeon E5-2650v3
vCPU: 40 (20 cores/40 threads)
Memory: 256 GB+ registered DDR4 ECC
Disks: 6 Samsung solid-state drives with a capacity of 1 TB.
RAID: RAID 10 LSI 9260-8i write-back + BBU cache
Dedicated backup SAN: 6 TB
VM per server: < 10

I/O tested: I/O write speed up to 1.4 Gb/s

dd if=/dev/zero of=test.img bs=1M count=10000
10,000+0 entries in
10,000+0 logouts
10485760000 bytes (10 GB) copied, 7.29967 s, 1.4 GB/s
*Tested on non-production idle systems.

You can easily handle administration with the SolusVM control panel, supported by the industry-leading Tier customer support.Net! Please send an email to [at] Tier Sales.Net, chat with us live. on our website or by phone 888-518-0288 for any questions.

Tier.Net VPS Hosting includes:

Excess BGP bandwidth, multiple houses
Regular backup of nodes. Check your disaster recovery plan regularly.
Choose any version of Windows/Linux/Unix and not only!
Pricing: Tier.Net is a partner of cPanel, CloudLinux, Kernelcare, WHMCS, Litespeed and Microsoft.

Thunderbolt VPS Power:
- 4 processor cores
- 16 GB OF RAM
- Hard Drive: 100 GB SSD RAID
- Bandwidth: 2 TB at 1 Gbit/s
- 4 IPv4, /64 IPv6
- easy operation
- 99.99% uptime SLA
- regular backups
- Free migration assistance
- Fully customizable and easy to update.
- Fast support 24/7/365
Only $26.95 per month or $24.50 per month with an annual payment!

VPS MINI Power Plant:
- 1x CPU core
- Hard Drive: 50 GB SSD RAID
- Bandwidth: 1 TB at 1 Gbit/s
- 1 IPv4, /64 IPv6
- easy operation
- 99.99% uptime SLA
- regular backups
- Free migration assistance
- Fully customizable and easy to update.
- Fast support 24/7/365
Only $8.99/month or $7.40/month per year!

Additional CPU cores = +$13.50 per month.
1 GB of additional RAM = +$3.38 per month
Full control Panel settings (cPanel, DirectAdmin, etc.) and operating system settings (Linux, Unix, Windows, etc.).
Learn more and configure: https://www.tier.net/vps-powerhouse-specials

Data center
The main Tier data centers.Net are located in Ashburn (Virginia), Bend (Oregon), Charlotte (North Carolina), Dallas (Texas), Latham (New York) and Staten Island (New York). All Tier 3 and 4 data centers are premium Tier Data Centers.Net, serving customers around the world with broadband bandwidth and N+2 redundancy, provides excellent connectivity to the United States. Asia/Pacific and Europe We are not a Tier reseller.Net is wholly owned by full-time employees and equipment.

Northeastern U.S. Main Attack: Ashburn, Virginia
Mirror test + IP: http://lg.va.tier.net/
USA High School, District of Columbia: Dallas, Texas.
Mirror test + IP: http://lg.tx.tier.net/
Elementary, West Coast, USA, District of Columbia: Bend, Oregon
Mirror + IP test: http://lg.or.tier.net/
Southeast Coast Elementary School of the USA: Charlotte, North Carolina
Mirror + test IP: http://lg.nc.tier.net/
The main northeast coast of the USA: Latham, New York.
Mirror + test IP: http://lg.ny.tier.net
Northeastern main air lines of the USA: Staten Island, New York.
Mirror test + IP: http://lg.ny2.tier.net/

Looking for other VPS options?
Check out our popular and fully customizable virtual private server configurations on https://www.tier.net/vps-хостинг

Maximum control capabilities
Pay a few dollars more Pay attention to our Ultimate Management service, which will help you focus on the most important!

Competitive price guarantee
No one offers better hosting than Tier.Net! Please let us know if you see a lower price elsewhere. And we will try our best to match or win!

For more information and quick help. Please email us at askus[at]Tier.Net Use our online chat on the website www.tier.net or call toll-free 1-888-518-0288

Affiliate program
Earn referral commissions with the affiliate program Tier.Net . The registration bonus is $10! Apply for www.tier.net/affiliate today!

Reseller program White Label
Tier.Net offers flexible solutions for resellers using a "white label" and joint brands. Whether you are a digital agency, developer, value-added retailer, or hosting provider, our business development team will be happy to explore a mutually beneficial relationship! For more information, write to askus[at]tier.net .
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