VPS hosting services special - 20% discount

Started by Akisingh, Jan 21, 2023, 12:04 AM

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last deal
Celebrating 11 years of work, we give you a 20% discount, use the coupon code: gooddeal20.

Our strengths:

Stable, profitable hosting company
We have been serving customers all over the world for more than 9 years.
VPS hosting plans start at a price you can afford.
Help you grow the way you want.
10 ready-made locations to choose from
Best price for more IP addresses
quality assurance
clean SSD
Full root access

Our VPS rates

Basic VPS

30 GB of SSD space
Bandwidth 500 GB
1 GB of RAM
Enable 1 IP, you can select more IP
Starts at $16 a month, pay annually and save 10%.

Professional VPS

50 GB of SSD space
1000 GB bandwidth
2 GB of RAM

From $32 per month

Advanced VPS

80 GB of space
2000 GB bandwidth
3 GB of RAM
Only 1 sole proprietor
From $60 per month


100 GB of space
Bandwidth 3500 GB
3 GB of RAM
Only 1 sole proprietor
From $99 per month

You can order in www.newidhost.com
If you have questions, do you want to deploy server packages? Write to us: care@newidhost.com