█ Windows/Linux SSD VPS Hosting █ UK/France/USA ¦¦ As low as £5.94/m █

Started by trafficsalad, Jan 14, 2023, 04:57 AM

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Get the cheapest hosting in the UK from a small business. We accept everything, yes, anything!
From game servers to audio servers From websites to forums, from MySQL databases to hard disk backups, from SHOUTcast to Icecast VPS stations and to dedicated servers, you say we do!*

Our hosting is 100% authentic and fully customizable! Get prices for VPS or any service almost instantly by contacting us!

Why choose us?
► We at EpicHosts are also clients! We look at the site as if we were our own customers - this way we guarantee that every detail is invested in the quality of our site. To give each customer the best experience from each company. when performing a combination of informal and professional procedures. Meet everyone's needs!

► We have fully tested and confirmed 99.5% uptime over the last 12 months of service (from 13.07), which is better than most of the leading hosting companies today! So you have peace of mind and the best guarantee that your services will have maximum uptime when using us!

► Only the most qualified and professional representatives are in our staff! With fast support and various communication methods. There is always an opportunity to contact us in a convenient way for you! (No one wants their services to be ignored by an inexperienced and poorly speaking English company. which can be run by minors or who can be a fraudster or "go out of business" for any reason!)

► We accept more than 10 payment methods, which is today more than the average hosting company! Starting with PayPal for credit/debit cards, PaySafeCard for SMS/phone and bank transfers for postal transfers. (cash at the post office)! thereby observing even the strictest payment restrictions!

► First of all, we are the only company in many Fully certified catalog and modern features. Although it takes more than 5 years to make sure we know what we are doing. Like all juggling at the request of our customers in an acceptable time, in compliance with all SLA (service level agreements)! Impressive now!

We use special machines with the following characteristics:
3.6 GHz, 8 cores
Gigabit internet connection
(Speed test results depend on our VPS and specific machine services)

Get a free quote instantly via live chat or support on the homepage!