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Started by CrazyNorth, Jul 14, 2022, 11:03 AM

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CrazyNorthTopic starter

Please advise, high-quality and stable virtual hosting for my new WordPress blog.
I don't know which hosting to choose... I was advised to look at the packages in - the price seems to be normal, but I don't know if I can rely on them.

+ I need SSL certificates...
Does anyone know about the quality of their service? How do you like the price?

Recommend other hosts for comparison.


I tried many, got hooked on Ipzon. I took VHOST-1.
Disk 50 gb. RAM 4gb. Domains 30. DB MYSQL 30. SSL (own certificate or free Let's Encrypt). All for $2.
When I looked at the parameters, I didn't believe it, but it's true. I have been sitting for the third month, while everything is very good.


I can advise VPS Hosting, with several configurations depending on the desired capacity, as well as the price is more or less satisfactory and does not bite

Gabriel Evans

If you want a reliable and stable VPS, then you better pay attention to or . Of course, your preferences may be more based not on the quality of the conditions offered, but on regional accords, I mean the preferences of a company located in Europe, for example.

If we talk about buying an SSL certificate, then on this service, you can pick up reliable certificates (based on the number of domains and additional services). The prices here are democratic.


i've been using GoDaddy. It is one of the largest domain name registrars in the US and in the world, and part-time - universal hosting with affordable prices. But when working with GoDaddy, you need to take into account that this provider does not support automatic free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt. But it's quite cheap, just a couple bucks.

paddy12 – this is one of the most famous American web hosting providers, among the top ten in terms of turnover. The main services are the online constructor service and shared hosting. At the same time, customers have access to special rates for WordPress web sites and a lot of related services for business site owners (special solutions for customer security, professional SSL certificates, creating templates and unique designs for custom sites, assistance with conducting advertising campaigns in Google).

If you choose any web  hosting plan , then you get access to the constructor as a bonus. Support services will be especially relevant for small businesses and entrepreneurs (customers who own online stores and other types of business sites).

Dignities. All shared hosting plans have large disk quotas (at least 300 GB), and there is a tariff plan with full unlimited. There is a separate line of tariffs for WordPress web sites, although you can install that engine in one click even on the tariffs of the general line. Business mail is provided free of charge (if desired, limits can be purchased separately). – this is a hassle-free web  hosting with high availability and sufficient reliability (uptime of at least 99.9%).

The control panel is familiar to many cPanel webmasters. Traffic on all tariffs is not limited in any way, the domain is a gift even when paying for 1 month.

Disadvantages. Technical support is only in English, but it can consult for free by phone (questions may be related not only to hosting, but also to additional services). The minimum cost of tariffs can be obtained only when paying for the first month or immediately for the year. Gift domains can be registered only in international zones: .com, .net, .org, etc. (ru / rf domains are not available, but if desired, they can be linked to web  hosting).

Cost. Prices they start at 1.95 USD/month. But the offer is relevant only for the DIY site builder service. The main rates of shared hosting are from 5.95 USD/month (from 300 GB on disk or more, depending on the tariff).

The tariff with unlimited disk space is from 9.95 USD/month.

Special web hosting for WordPress sites - from 7.99 USD/month. The tariffs differ in the maximum number of web sites that can be placed in one account, and the disk limit.

Instead of the test period, there is the possibility of a refund within 30 days.

Hostinger is one of the largest brands in the web hosting market. The company was established in 2004 in Lithuania (the original name of Hosting media, the current brand appeared in 2011). It is noteworthy that Hostinger is one of the few who launched a successful project with free hosting for PHP sites – (it still works at the present time).

Now more than 29 million users from 178 countries are hosted on Hostinger equipment (approximately 15 thousand installations of new web sites per day).
The servers focus primarily on installing WordPress (optimized to work with that CMS, there is a one-click installation). For management, a self-developed hosting panel is used, which is in no way inferior to market leaders, and in some ways even more convenient than most options.

Statistics on the availability of your server can be viewed in a special online service. Separate tariffs for WordPress include access to the original engine services, such as Jetpack, LiteSpeed Cache, WP-CLI, LSCWP, unlimited databases, theme/template store, etc. There is ssh access, integration with Github, protection from Cloudflare, daily automatic backups.

Disadvantages. The prices for the renewal of tariffs are higher than the prices for the first purchase. Payment from the card is made according to the subscription model (that is not convenient for all customers). Default WordPress settings do not work here (it is better to install the engine in "one click" to spy on the connection parameters to the database and web server). Technical limits depend on the selected tariff plan. There is a big difference between classic virtual web hosting and special hosting for WordPress.

SiteGround is a serious holding company that provides virtual and cloud web hosting services. Data centers are located all over the world (not only in the USA), there are computing facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, Singapore and other countries. According to some data, about 2 million web  sites are hosted on SiteGround servers.

The company has been operating since 2004 and has a lot of positive reviews. Owners of WordPress sites will definitely like this web hosting because of the availability of support for the current version of PHP7 and special tariffs for that CMS.

Dignities. There is a one-click engine installation, unlimited traffic, free SSL certificates, access to the CDN service (reduces the load on the web  site and speeds up page loading), SSH access and daily automatic backups. Non-residents can receive a tax deduction (VAT) if they choose to host a European branch.

web hosting platform runs on the capacities of Google Cloud, therefore it offers high connection speed and load-resistant infrastructure. Many shared hosting tariffs have no restrictions on the number of web  sites hosted and the amount of data transmitted.

Disadvantages. The web hosting control panel of its own design can cause certain difficulties .  Special tariffs for WordPress, as well as other tariffs for virtual hosting, necessarily have limitations on disk space.

Cost. The prices for virtual web hosting (including special tariff plans for WordPress) range from 4.99-39.99 USD/month (depending on the chosen tariff and payment term).