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Started by CrazyNorth, Jul 14, 2022, 11:03 AM

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CrazyNorthTopic starter

Hello friends,

I'm seeking advice on a reliable and top-notch virtual hosting service for my new WordPress blog. I'm in a dilemma about which hosting service to opt for. So far, I've been suggested to check's packages because the pricing seems reasonable. However, I'm unsure if their services are trustworthy.

Furthermore, I require SSL certificates for my blog. Can anyone enlighten me about their service quality and pricing?

Also, kindly recommend other hosting services that I can compare with.


I experimented with various hosting services before eventually settling on Ipzon. I opted for their VHOST-1 package, which offers a generous 50 GB disk space, 4 GB RAM, and the ability to host up to 30 domains with 30 MYSQL databases. Additionally, SSL certificates are available either through my own certificate or the free Let's Encrypt program. All of this comes at the incredibly low price of just $2.

Initially, I was skeptical about the parameters being offered, but after three months of use, I must say that everything has been working exceptionally well.


I can advise VPS Hosting, with several configurations depending on the desired capacity, as well as the price is more or less satisfactory and does not bite

Gabriel Evans

If you want a reliable and stable VPS, then you better pay attention to or . Of course, your preferences may be more based not on the quality of the conditions offered, but on regional accords, I mean the preferences of a company located in Europe, for example.

If we talk about buying an SSL certificate, then on this service, you can pick up reliable certificates (based on the number of domains and additional services). The prices here are democratic.


i've been using GoDaddy. It is one of the largest domain name registrars in the US and in the world, and part-time - universal hosting with affordable prices. But when working with GoDaddy, you need to take into account that this provider does not support automatic free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt. But it's quite cheap, just a couple bucks.

paddy12 is a popular American web hosting provider, known for its online constructor and shared hosting services. They offer special rates for WordPress websites and additional services for business site owners, including customer security solutions, professional SSL certificates, template and unique design creation, and assistance with Google advertising campaigns.

Each hosting plan includes access to the constructor as a bonus, making it particularly helpful for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Their shared hosting plans all have large disk quotas and a tariff plan with complete unlimited options. They also offer a separate line of tariffs for WordPress websites, though the engine can be installed in one click on the general line tariffs. Customer service is free by phone, but only offered in English.

On the other hand, Hostinger is a leading brand in the web hosting market, established in 2004 in Lithuania. They currently host over 29 million users from 178 countries, with a focus on WordPress installation and optimization. They offer a self-developed hosting panel, which is convenient and user-friendly, as well as additional services like Jetpack, LiteSpeed Cache, WP-CLI, LSCWP, and more.
Hostinger provides ssh access, integration with Github, protection from Cloudflare, daily automatic backups, and offers statistics on the availability of your server.