Are there free control panels for VPS and VDS?

Started by Svetlana, Jul 31, 2022, 05:00 AM

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Are there free control panels for VPS and VDS?

Hello, tell me, are there free control panels for VPS and VDS?
If there is, can you tell the best option?
And what to pay attention to when choosing a free panel?


aaPanel is currently one of the best control panels, is constantly evolving, offers NGINX and SQL builds for AliExpress, as well as Open LiteSpeed Server, tested personally — it works perfectly.
There is also a built-in application store thanks to which you can implement a lot of projects, support for the Python manager, Node.js, Java, Docker, Mongo DB, Postgre SQL and much more. Support for various methods of caching and DNS management, a functional mail server. Settings optimized for different configurations. Lots of backup options. In general, just a Must Have!

Fastpanel is a very friendly, but very functional control panel, it has everything you need, is perfect for managing WordPress sites, good functionality and high speed, but there are nuances.
It is simpler and less functional, but it is precisely this less flexibility that does not allow you to put it in the first place. There are still some points, but we need to talk about this separately. I have already written about the installation of Fastpanel, the interface is extremely clear, no special settings are required.

Webinoly is a console control panel from Spanish developers optimized specifically for WordPress. Its main drawback is that it is console—based, and therefore requires certain knowledge. Just LEMP stack — Linux Ubuntu + Nginx + MariaDB (MySQL) + PHP. And everything.

By the way! aaPanel is the only control panel currently working correctly with Ubuntu 22.04

Of course, you can not use panels, or use others, for example, a paid ISP Manager, but personally, in my opinion, these free panels are not worse for managing a small number of sites, or for certain purposes.