I blew the .com domain. How to buy from the owner at the lowest price?

Started by Gareth Brown, Jul 28, 2022, 08:21 AM

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Gareth BrownTopic starter

I looked after myself a domain in the .com zone. It seems to be of no use to anyone. Previously hung on a European squatter, which did not renew. There was a stub on the domain about the sale, and if you don't like it + the name of the law firm that accompanied this activity.

There was and is no excitement around the domain, there is no brand representative in the American segment (the product is distributed only in Europe so far.) The brand is small, niche, let's say, as if for a manufacturer of reel-to-reel tape recorders that are of interest to 2000 people in the USA, register a domain.

Free date was the 23rd, but since the weekend, nothing happened on the 25th.
Today I applied not to register with Сloudflare. At 05:00 p.m., the domain had not yet taken off, and at 06:05 p.m. it was already registered by someone - I received registration messages with errors. And only then I went to read about the mechanisms of work, quotas, aggression of the centre and the domain registry; I listened to special people who do this. I did not expect to face such a hat, as previously I freely took other people's domains I liked when they were not paid.

What is now the optimal strategy of action to get a domain at the lowest price? The probability that the domain was bought for the intended use, taking into account the above, is 1%.


1. Who should contact the new owner? Broker or directly?

2. Should I wait for delegation and stubs with contacts, or act faster through the feedback form?

3. If a domain appears at an inadequate price for it ($3000-$5000), are there any professional dealers who can reach a normal figure for it, such as $500?

In general, I will accept any practical advice.


There are several important points in the process of acquiring someone else's domain. To begin with, you need to check the address you like according to several criteria, which we will describe below. Then — find a way to contact the owner.
Sometimes, with a strong overpricing on the part of the seller, the buyer has to contact domain name brokers to settle the cost. When the agreement is reached, it remains to re-register the domain name in your name. We will talk about each step in more detail.

What to check?
Before you buy a domain for a web site that is in someone else's possession, it is worth checking it. As we have already said, each unique address has its own history. It does not disappear with the change of owner, but continues to be stored "in memory" of search engines. That is, if a web site containing prohibited or undesirable content was located on the domain, and search engines imposed filters on it, then when you purchase this domain, you will also take all penalties. To avoid this, it is better to take a little time to study the following points:

The age of the domain. The older he is, the higher the trust of search robots in him. It is easy to check using the online tools of Yandex and Google;
The history of the domain .
On the site archive.org you can study what was at a particular web address at different points in time;
The presence of the domain in spam databases and blacklists. There are many services for this, including free ones;
Reference mass. It will definitely not be superfluous to analyze how many and where the domain name was referenced. Suitable, for instance, Ahrefs.com .
These are the most basic criteria for evaluating a domain. They also often pay attention to the indexing of the domain name in search engines.

How do I contact the owner?
When you are sure that the domain is "clean", you need to get in touch with its current owner. If the address is working, the easiest way is to take contacts from web site that is located on it. They will definitely be indicated on a commercial web resource. In other cases, you can use services with a built-in WHOIS protocol or web site itself whois.com . The second option is preferable: as a rule, web site contains more information about the owner.

So, you need to enter the desired address in the search bar. In response, you will receive all the information available about him. However, personal data, namely the name, phone number and e-mail of the person who owns the domain name , are often hidden for obvious reasons. Many registrars provide customers with a paid opportunity to keep their contacts confidential.
In this case, you should contact the registrar himself, there is always data about him. He can act as an intermediary in your communication with the owner.

In addition, there are auctions on the Internet where you can buy a domain name without interacting with the owner. However, they can be used to buy a domain only from those whose registration period is coming to an end. If the owner manages to extend the registration before it ends, then it will not be possible to win the auction.

How to buy a domain name for a site and not lose money?
Let's say you checked the domain, agreed with the owner about the sale and price. Now the main risk is to be deceived, i.e. to pay for the purchase, but not to get what you want. In order to avoid this, you either need to conclude a contract or use the registrar as a guarantor of the transaction. In the first case, you may need the help of a lawyer.
The second one is more reliable, since the guarantor will be responsible for the transfer of the domain. In both cases, the last step will be the re-registration of the domain to the new owner. There are two ways to do this:

personally, that is, the seller goes to the registrar's real office, where the domain registration took place, and writes a statement, they say, I ask you to re-register the domain to another person;
via the Internet, through an internal sales system, which is available to most registrars. It's pretty simple: you both start personal accounts, the seller changes the owner in the "Change administrator" tab, and the buyer simply accepts the domain, confirming that he will now pay for it.
It is important to note that if the owner offers to transfer only the login and password from his personal account, this may be a fraudulent scheme. Because even if you have access, the rights to the domain name will remain with the same person.


The easiest option is not to complicate your life and contact the owner directly. If he does not have an urgent need for a domain, I see no reason not to sell him. But as for the cost - everything depends on it. If he sees strong interest, he may raise the price. The main thing here is not to rush.