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Started by alyajabeen, Nov 15, 2022, 09:01 AM

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Hi. My virtual hosting on hostland is ending, and I decided to switch to another one (hostland did not suit me.
I started looking for other virtual hosting sites, and apart from bad reviews, I didn't find anything else. I tested several virtual hosting services and all of them did not suit me, except timeweb and webhost1.
The criterion was simple: pure yii2 is poured into web hosting and tested on pagespeed. Each hosting showed different values, and timeweb and webhost1 had the best indicators: smartphone — 82, pc — 91.
For other hosting sites, the indicators fell, as a rule, for cache and compression. But, alas, timeweb and webhost1 have disgusting reviews. Every third person writes that the sites are very often lying.

Now I came across vps hosting from gino for $2 a month. There are rumors that if you move from virtual hosting to vps, you can forget about the problems of unavailability of the site.
My goal is this: to host 6 html sites (landing pages), with phpmailer attached to them and 1 on dle or wordpress. The average attendance of all sites taken together does not exceed 300 people per day. + add caching and compression to each site, which pagespeed requests.

I have never been familiar with vps, but I have already found several guides on setting up the server on the network, so it seems to me that I will not have any special problems with the setup (I will only need to compress and somehow connect the cache).

So, I would like to know if there is any sense for me in such a vps, or will I have more problems?
Will 1000 MHz and 1500 MB of RAM be enough for me?
Will I really have no problems accessing web sites?


The impact on this assessment of shared web hosting is really high and if you want to have maximum performance, then ideally you need to buy a vps at least.
 Ideally, take at least 1GB of RAM (of course, you can take less, but in most cases the memory will go to swap, although it all depends on the settings of course) 1500 MHz is certainly enough for a couple of sites, the availability of sites is another matter, here you need to look at the quality of the hosting provider and read reviews.

And there is also such an indicator as the presence of an ip hosting provider in the ban lists, the fact is that cheap VPS hosting is often used by spammers. The spammer rents a VPS and sends out a ton of mail in a day, the ip gets into spam lists and the spammer throws this VPS or the hosting provider blocks it.
But the problem is that no one pulled this ip out of the spam sheets, which means buying a VPS from a cheap hosting provider or from a hosting provider who gives test periods, there is a high probability of being in spam databases right from the purchase and then laundering your reputation.


Well, I'm happy with Managed VPS - I get system updates on every part of their network as it happens. Control panel is amazing, the system is very solid altogether. Recommended these professionals to others.


Excellent service - would definitely recommend NetShop ISP VPS hosting to others.
Pricing was good and the account was setup promptly with everything I needed. Any questions I had were answered within a couple of hours.


Nice feature-rich VPS hosting solutions are offered by these time-tested providers:
Just choose the host that suits your needs and provides constant and uninterrupted services and support.


Chea VPS are available from and
The stuff of them are really professional, every time you need a help they are there. They are really the best solutions for hosting.
Connection speed 10/10. Support with chat 10/10.


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Give SSD VPS hosting a try. It provides an excellent service.
Very helpful and flexible when setting up and managing websites. Couldn't be happier!


Hostwinds – "Cheap and managed VPS hosting"
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AccuWeb Hosting – "Several inexpensive VPS server options"
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Its managed VPS servers are among the most affordable on the global market, starting at $12.00 for a "fully managed" VPS. There are 3 options for Linux VPS servers: regular (unmanaged), managed SSD and cloud, with cheaper rates from $7.99 to 12.00 per month. Remember that this is for annual plans (monthly plans have a value 10-20% higher).
Accuweb hosting for Windows VPS hosting already has 5 types: regular $7.99 (unmanaged), SSD VPS $10.00 (fully managed), cloud, reseller and fоrex VPS. Initial plans for Windows VPS plans range from $7.99 to 115.00 (intermediary).
Well, this is probably the provider with the largest variety of servers on our list, with good customer reviews, years of experience and very cheap for managed servers.

Interserver – "Cloud virtual servers with OpenVZ or KVM"
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In data centers located in the USA, Interserver VPS servers are offered on Linux and Windows. Its structure is based on the cloud. Perhaps this is one of the providers of virtual servers, which can be called "good and cheap". Their prices start from $ 6 for Linux VPS , and for Windows servers – from $ 10 .
For the initial plans, there is 1 GB of RAM, 1 core processor, 25 GB of memory and 1 TB of traffic. If you are looking for cheap and good VPS hosting, it might be a great idea to try Interserver.


How many customers are on each server?