Choosing hosting: Open VZ vs. Xen

Started by rajan, Aug 23, 2022, 12:04 AM

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rajanTopic starter

I'm not a super expert in shared hosting servers, so I'm asking for advice. Which technology is better to choose - Open VZ or Xen? I have been using hosting from GoDaddy for a year now, there are regal domains there. There didn't seem to be any problems. Recently they sent a newsletter that they now have a VPS on Xen. All in thought, try it? Prices seem to be quite reasonable.


Disadvantages of OpenVZ:
1) incapacity to install another operating system other than the installed Linux.
2) If failures occur in the File system, which is the same for all VPS, then this will affect not only the owner of a specific virtual server on which the failure occurred, but also the rest of the owners located on the same physical server.
3) incapacity to load the module you need to the OS. the need to ask the hosting provider about it.
4) There are dozens of vps on one core, therefore, with each new ordered vps server, the load on the core increases, with OpenVZ virtualization technology.

Disadvantages of Xen:
1) To change the characteristics or the tariff itself, a reboot is required on your server.
2) Higher cost due to the lack of selling resources more than they are (overselling).

Why should you switch to VPS, why are you not satisfied with the current shared hosting plan?

Gareth Freeman

If we compare OpenVZ and Zen, then I chose the second, but your choice should be based on several factors, namely:
1) How many resources do you need.
2) Do you want private access to the machine's ssd.
3) What degree of protection do you want to receive.
Simply put, OpenVZ is a more budget option, which has several hidden points (on the part of the car owner). Many switch to Zen precisely because they need more resources and want to have more truthful feedback.