Dedicated Server - Virtualizor / KVM Setup

Started by Kovtalo, Jun 17, 2022, 10:57 AM

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I am fairly new to the space. It is quite surprising that their are not many guides surrounding the VPS industry. To clarify, the setup of a VPS hosting business. Sure, their are a lot of companies offering reselling hosting plans, but these won't do the job for someone who wants to learn the entire trade.

As a fairly new person to the space, I have gathered some knowledge in a span of 48 hours. I understand it's best to purchase a dedicated server. Install CentOs 7 as the operating system. Prepare KVM and Virtualizor. This is what I have put together.

My plan was to purchase a dedicated server from PheonixNap, and begin the process of trial and error. I would prefer to learn the correct way of preparing VPS instances.

Is this the best way for me to learn the trade? Is their any guides or videos you might be able to recommend?



If you want to learn this is a great thing, however just installing CentOS isn't the only choice you need to make; what virtualizor software are you going to use?
There are many "pre"packaged software setups such as SolusVM and others. Do you plan on one day selling this as a service? If so I would look into what billing/automation software you plan on using, this might help guide you into your choices.


I completely agree with net on this choice, personally I would head on down to your local pc shop and pickup a used pc for a couple of hundred bucks. Play on it, this way you can learn, format, break, fix, break, learn, break, break, and break some more without having to have your hosting provider format all the time. Mind you this is just my 2cents.

Also as net said you need to research a ton on security and hardening your servers/vps's. Just my opinion head over to DO, Vultr, or LInode and pickup a $5 VPS, this will allow you a great learning place should you choose not to buy a used pc.

Again just my 2cents.


Virtualizor allows you to run hundreds of nodes from a single server to facilitate the management of multiple nodes and hosted virtual machines.

Using the clustering support feature can help users manage slave servers directly from the master server if they have multiple Virtualizor webservers.

Clustering with Virtualizor is very simple, through the panel you can add and remove servers from the cluster in minutes without any  additional manual settings. There is also functionality to control server resources, RAM, disk, etc. used by master or slave webservers.