How to choose the right hosting.

Started by GalaxyS777, Oct 05, 2022, 06:11 AM

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How to choose the right hosting for a website so as not to be trapped by scammers. I will highlight a few main points, but the country and the company are not affected by this, here are the main parameters:
1-according to technical parameters, so that it loads the site pages well and can withstand the load of certain numbers of visitors.
2-support service, evaluate how it works, how it helps customers, but it can be checked before buying.
3-determination of price and quality, it is better to choose something average in price, but also not from cheap hosting, look, it's best according to reviews, but only verified.
4-choose only legal companies, so that you do not end up without money, and without the service provided.
 Here are the main parameters for determining the choice of hosting, and what other additional parameters do you have?


I think that when choosing a hosting, it is important to take into account the following parameters:
- Security. That is, how much your site will be protected from hаckers. This can also include the possibility of backup.
- Possibility of testing. Many hosting companies give you the opportunity to host a website for a short period of time for free. During this time, you can see how well it works. The support service helps to solve the problems that arise.


I would add one more thing - rating. There are many ratings of such services, which are compiled by experienced experts based on dozens of parameters - here are competitive prices, security concerns, privacy, and much more. And, of course, user reviews, which can tell a lot.


Using the right type of web site hosting service is so serious to your success. Choose time-tested web host!


reliable paid hosting should already include options for the smooth operation of your site:

backup equipment. Pay attention to whether the hoster has backup machines for each unique hardware configuration, so that when the server fails, the provider's engineers move the disks to the backup one.

protection against DDoS attacks and viruses to ensure the security of the resource. For example, in REG.RU uses 2 tools (main and backup) to protect against network attacks — DDoS-GUARD and StormWall.
backup so that you can always restore the project, for example, using protection at levels L3-L4, so that its servers do not collapse at the first sale.

Monitoring is a system of constant monitoring of the operation of the entire system on the hosting. With its help, providers receive a signal that something has gone wrong somewhere. Monitoring monitors many parameters, for example, processor temperature, operation of RAID arrays, network interfaces, and so on.
So, pay attention to which program with a unique set of checks the hosting provider uses, and how often their status is updated.