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Started by gstarspas, Jul 03, 2022, 04:10 AM

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What do I need in one place?
- at least 5 domains/websites
- subdomains should not be considered as sites (at least 3-5 for each domain on the site)
- DB at least 5 in the tariff
- monthly cost up to $5

The rest is under consideration.
Of course, maximum uptime, availability and speed are desirable.

What happened?!
He worked with MasterHost for a long time.
That is, I always used high-quality and expensive hosts.
But the hosts answered the same. :)

I got a letter 1 June, that the tariff plan will be closed. If I do not choose the right one, then I will automatically be transferred to the optimal one in terms of the number of domains.
According to the previous tariff (5 domains, 5 DB, Exchange mail + unlimited subdomains) = $5/ month. On a new one for the same = $10 / month.

Sharp enough. :(

aLynx was not recommended.
Beget - everything (plus or minus) suits, but their concept of "sites-domains-subdomains" is depressing.

Recommend something suitable, plz.
Already on fire. :(
Thanks in advance to everyone for the advice.


Simply as information for you for the future: Any figures that the hoster will name without providing / signing the SLA (Service Level Agreement, Service Level Agreement) are just words that are not supported by anything.
But you also should understand that the services of those providers who provide SLA will be more expensive.

Look better at third-party services that check uptime from various hosts.
In this regard, we personally really like hosting ninjas - they place their site with each host and check its availability once or twice a minute with a script. This is much more correct than checking the availability of the main / internal page hosting site, because often website  provider is not hosted on the server where the clients are located.


Just in case, I will advise you these guys UH hosting.
I have been using their services for 4 years. I think this length of time speaks for itself.
I really liked the fact that when questions arise, technical support immediately picks up the phone and solves problems just as quickly. In any case, you can take advantage of the test period and evaluate their performance yourself.


There are a dozen web hosts these days, so you might be wondering if it's even worth starting a web hosting company. But many industries still need niche web hosts built specifically for them. Niche markets in web hosting include green web hosting, small business hosting, DDOS secure servers, and the list goes on and on.

If you are interested in starting a web host, chances are you already have a reason why your web hosting services will be better for users than others. Figure out what your market and branding is and don't try to sell to everyone.

There are too many large hosts that are no longer focused on a specific market, so it is unlikely that you will make money trying to sell to all user groups. Instead, start small and specific. Consider the following when defining your brand:

What is your target market?
How to name the company? Find a short and memorable name whose domain is available for purchase. There are many web hosts out there so make sure your name is not taken.
What makes your hosting unique?
What types of hosting do you offer? Shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated web servers are all popular choices. (Shared hosting is the most economical choice, which is why most hosts start there.)

Choosing the right partner from whom you want to order server hosting in the data center will be critical to your success. Your customers won't want to transfer their content if you choose the wrong data center, and that mistake can kill a new web host.
Don't look for the cheapest dedicated web server provider as it will lead to disaster. This may not be their only positive quality. Instead, look for a specific provider that offers several features, such as:

Excellent value for money and quality
Dedicated server support 24x7 in case of hardware failure
Solid reputation with good reviews
Premium network providers
Fast Dedicated Server Deployment so you're ready for new clients
Hardware like RAID-10 and SSD which are great for hosting
Protection against increasingly common DDoS attacks
This part can be easily solved if you partner or become a dedicated web server reseller to "set up" your infrastructure.

So, you have configured dedicated web servers and are ready to work with clients. Now create a site as the face of your business. You will also need other systems before you can start selling.

cPanel/WHM is the most popular website hosting control panel that seamlessly integrates with CloudLinux to isolate clients. WHMCS is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive billing and customer management tools available. It has a built-in helpdesk to handle customer requests. Many hosts choose to use an external help desk software such as Kayako or Zendesk. Most new web hosts start offering only email support and choose other support channels as needed.

Once all of your systems are set up and tested, you can start spreading the word and finding customers. Don't be afraid to start with friends and social media. Word of mouth sales are critical to a new web hosting business, so make sure every customer leaves your service satisfied and happy. that is the time to deliver personalized service with a smile.
It will take many hours of painstaking work and will mean you are on call 24/7, but the return on your hosting business is worth it. Once you've exhausted your personal networks, you can try the following routes to find clients:

Advertising on Facebook and Google AdWords
Local press, newspaper advertisements and related magazines
Banner ads on websites related to your niche in the market.