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Started by David Gibbs, Aug 01, 2022, 11:57 PM

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David GibbsTopic starter

Hello. Our finance company plans to operate in Cuba. Please tell me where to rent a VPS server or Dedicated Server located in Cuba. Of the main features of the server: there should be unlimited traffic with 5, and preferably 10 GB of space for the database.
A service providing VPS services or a Dedicated server must also be located in Cuba - in a word, we need a good data centre in Cuba.



Such services work on the same principle: the office is where the creator lives, and the servers are in any country where there is an appropriate infrastructure, and it is advisable to rent a real server for little money.

Cuba, as we understand it, has nothing to do with such countries. There are few centers of collocation. If they exist, then either for the state, or local business built for themselves.
What is the point of building many data centers there? With whom to compete? Nobody needs them - the price will be colossal, and there will be few buyers.

Try chatting with these guys:

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As I see it, to provide a VPS server, you need to talk about the price.
Good luck to you!

Zhess Flatcher

I don't know which is better for you, but I used two. If you need a budget option, then take a server from They offer unlimited traffic for $3 and a 5 GB disk, for 10 it costs $5. If you want something more serious, then take the package from Here you have a free domain name and a large disk - 500 GB and unlimited traffic. Price - $80 ($40 for the first year).


Until very recently, there was probably no such absurd situation as the Cubans had on the whole planet.
Being practically deprived of access to the Internet, Cubans, being under a very mild dictatorial regime, had access to an abundant contraband flow of the most modern electronics.

Smartphones, tablets, PCs, satellite communications, although they were too expensive, but nevertheless physically accessible. This situation gave rise to the existence of so-called offline websites (servers). Being a trusted person, for just a dollar or two, you could download a very voluminous archive to your external data carrier from a local underground businessman.
Depending on the positions you are interested in, at your choice, the businessman will update your archive with the latest movies, music, moreover, a full-fledged bulletin board that is regularly updated.
The only restriction, as well as online, will be politics. Apparently, the official authorities are aware of the situation with illegal data trafficking that exists everywhere in Cuba, but they simply turn a blind eye to it until the "underground" do not cross the red lines, which the latter are wonderfully aware of and are engaged in self-censorship.