How to stimulate a hosting provider for adequacy?

Started by metallexportprom, Jul 27, 2022, 12:59 PM

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Tell me who knows. How to stimulate the hosting provider to resolve the conflict situation, and not freeze from it?

In short: the hosting provider deleted my VPS before the end of the paid period. Offers a refund for the remaining time. Backups do not give away fundamentally. And I want backups. VPS did not violate anything, nothing like that. I just said I'm moving away from them.

I have already written reviews on all ratings and will write more than once. But backups are not given. in place of negotiating , they write that "lawyers will deal with me."

How else can you stimulate the hosting provider to resolve the conflict and give backups? Time goes by, I recovered from older ones, it will be more difficult to collect later from several. And I'm not opposed to solving the trouble in a legal plane, even "for" if it's more convenient for the hosting provider. But I would still like to get backups. And for some reason they do not make any contact.

A trouble out of thin air, it seems to me. The opinion of the hosts themselves is very interesting.


Stimulate - I don't even know.
This is what kind of circumstance is such that backups are not given.
They either don't have them anymore, or they didn't.

Did you say you are moving? Left negative reviews and you have removed VPS?
If so, then it is quite possible (if you have the funds and time) to go to them in the legal plane with all the material and moral payments. And if all is not so simple there, just negotiate for some feedback.


The world leader in web hosting services is the USA. In this regard, the number of providers reaches tens of thousands.
Due to fierce competition, they try to attract users with the help of various marketing tricks: promotions, discount coupons, etc. At the same time, there is no need to complain about the lack of customers and their main task is to ensure uninterrupted user service.
At the same time, webhosting owners do not bother with the development of various plans, and in most cases they are limited to a fixed cost for unlimited resources.

Unlike their American counterparts, European providers value every client, which is becoming less and less due to the demographic decline. For Europeans, quality has always been more important than quantity. Accordingly, the price of webhosting services in Europe is higher than in America.
Despite the rapid pace of development of the domestic web hosting services market, in terms of competition, our providers still lag behind their foreign colleagues, whose advantages are due to many years of experience and a higher level of technical progress.