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Started by tanuja19, Sep 11, 2022, 12:35 AM

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Hi forum members, administrators and owners of the forum!

I ask knowledgeable people to answer my question, which is indicated in the title and seems to imply several sub-questions:
At what website traffic does it make sense to switch to VPS?
Can a hosting company limit the daily number of visits to a site located on shared hosting?
Is it possible to determine which type of web hosting a certain site is located on?

As an instance, I mean my site. The web site has an annual seasonality of visits from several hundred per day in summer to several thousand in winter. The maximum is in December, when the website is visited by about 7-9 thousand per day. I sometimes notice that in conditions of high load (several thousand visitors a day), the site is unavailable. I am interested in the expediency of switching to VPS and how such a transition will affect the attendance and availability of the web site.
Thank you.


It is necessary to read about the restrictions in the contract of your web hosting.
If you do not have enough of the current package, then you need to switch.
this will not affect the attendance in any way.
if the web  site is stable at the moment and there are no complaints, then why think about switching? If there are problems, then switch to the VPS. Many hosting providers offer an VPS with administration enabled, so you won't have any maintenance problems.
It is impossible to answer specific figures, because everything depends on a particular web  site, its optimization, the size of the database, etc. But, probably, with an attendance of 3000 or more, it is already worth thinking about the VPS.


I'll tell you that. Take a VPS only:
1. with control panel
2. with administration

The first one will provide you with convenience. Everything will be the same as on a virtual web hosting.
The second will provide you with stability and a quick solution to problems.

Is it worth switching?
If everything suits you now, then of course not.
If there is something you want to change, then a good choice of VPS will give its advantages. This is unequivocal! Of course, you will need to pay a little more for a VPS with guaranteed resources than for a regular web hosting. The cost is about the same as for VIP hosting.
But you will have the opportunity to "maneuver", something that cannot be done on a shared. For instance, caching on the nginx side, switching to PHP-PFM, giving the necessary statics using Nginx, etc.


So, the main difference between virtual hosting and VPS is in technology. Shared hosting does not have the ability to configure the server and its own software, and the availability of available applications and supported programming languages are beyond the user's control.
On VDS, the client has more opportunities and more responsibility: he can install, for example, gaming software and various programs, but the administration of web server is also placed on his shoulders. Technical support can administer VPS in paid mode.

What to choose: virtual share hosting or VPS server?
Virtual hosting is suitable for projects of almost any complexity: for blogs, information sites, corporate projects, small online stores, etc. This type of hosting is also recommended for novice webmasters. The price for shared hosting starts from $1 per month. The minimum tariff plan includes 3 GB on SSD, 1 website and 1 database, MySQL, PHP version selection in the control panel.

The VPS server is recommended for more complex projects, for example, for sites with high traffic or large and complex online stores with a large assortment.


Please, be more specific... I mean requirements: disk space, bandwidth, server location, budget?


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Many forum participants thought about the options for switching to VPS. It is important to understand the conditions and the gain from such a transition. In most cases, this hosting is safer and faster, so everyone is recommended to connect. You will feel the difference immediately from using a modern VPS tool.