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Started by Henri O`neill, Nov 30, 2022, 08:59 AM

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Hi all. I have a small question. I sometimes need to go to sites under a different network mask. To do this, I use VPN programs (paid). Lately, I have noticed that hosting providers offer VPN hosting service. Question: Is VPN hosting the same as services offering access via alternative IPs? If not, what is the best way to secure your IP?


Third-party and own VPN server — what is the difference:

Speed. On third-party servers, it depends on the workload, that is, the number of users and the degree of activity of each of them. The speed of free services can be significantly lower than that of paid resources. There is no download problem with your own VPN on VDS if 1-2 users are connected to it.

Anonymity. Third-party servers are configured by professionals, so they can offer high anonymity, but the user's personal data is available to the owners. If you successfully make a choice of VPS for VPN and configure it correctly, you will be able to achieve the same indicators, but all user information will not fall into third hands. Only special services can get it, provided that the server is located in the same state with them.

Manageability. You can configure a virtual VPN server only on your own VPS. Users of online services are provided with a significantly limited number of parameters. However, it should be borne in mind that setting up a VPS for a VPN is a time–consuming process. But at the output, the user gets a stable and customized VPN network.