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Started by centigon, Nov 17, 2022, 04:40 AM

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How much do VPS cost you?
My example. Wholesale and retail company, covering five regions. Owns an online store operating in the regions of its presence. At the moment, there are three VPS:

• combat — the holy grail with an online store;

• test — with the same, but closed for tests and development plus public FTP;

• the third for landing pages and all sorts of small things.

The servers are hosted by FastVPS and are paid monthly at the rates of €14.9, €10.9 and €7.9, respectively. The specifications are here.
It's time to replenish the balance, I'm sitting counting how much money to request for six months in advance. All the amounts listed below are calculated exactly for six months without taking into account the commissions of payment systems.
For servers alone with monthly payment we get €255.60

There is an idea to buy some space for backups:
We add to the servers and get $2K

So ideally, expenses are seen for six months ahead, without taking into account unforeseen circumstances (such as running out of space on the server — to buy or change the tariff for more expensive).
Very roughly, we will throw a commission on top, say, 3%, and we will receive $2.2K for payment.

The question is this.
And how much do you (or your company) spend on maintaining your VPS?

It is clear that all this is purely individual, but I am interested in understanding the adequacy of these costs and how they are commensurate with other companies.


a regular shared hosting without a VPS costing $300 a year can quite cope with the support of a multi-regional online store with a base volume of 150 thousand+ commodity items (auto parts)
, the same store worked for some time on the basic tariffs of the hosting provider, until the latter began to swear at exceeding the loads provided by the tariff.


The main factors affecting the cost of hosting:
The price of VPS hosting directly depends on the user's needs. But initially it is important to understand that the cost will include not only the payment for the service itself, but also all the costs that are imposed on the provider of cloud technologies. All these costs can be divided into the following categories:

Salary of employees. The provider needs to pay salaries to the staff of the data center, the front office working directly with customers, technical support. And the higher the qualifications of these specialists, the higher their remuneration will be. But on the other hand, you get really professional management, support and a quick solution to various problems with the server.

Payment for the data center itself. A data center is a very serious piece of hardware that consumes an ordinary office. In addition to ensuring the operability of all machines, a large amount of energy is spent on cooling physical servers.
They are forced to work non-stop, that is, 24/7 with consistently high loads. And if the heat is not removed, the equipment will quickly fail.
Maintaining the health of the infrastructure. Telecommunication equipment needs to be serviced and repaired from time to time. Server components also need to be replaced periodically. Like any other equipment, hardware is worn out, physically and morally obsolete. The structure may need to be updated or expanded.

Software update. Users of virtual servers want to work with modern software. And to ensure this, the provider has to update it regularly, find money for a rather expensive purchase. In addition to the license for the programs that the client will use, the provider spends money on software licenses to ensure stable and efficient operation of the infrastructure, the front office.
Advertisement. Advertising is the engine of progress. Companies that provide VPS hosting services cannot do without it. This is the most effective way to build a customer base and few providers neglect such opportunities.
These are the TOP factors that maximize the cost of hosting services. And all of them will be included in the tariff, which is announced by the hosting provider to customers. But, in addition to them, the price of hosting will also include secondary expenses.


any cheap and best vps hosting information i can get..? cpanle only
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newbielink:https://www.mystream4u.com/ [nonactive]


Cheap and reliable VPS deals are available from libertyvps.net and legionbox.com.
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I can definitely recommend OBHost.net solutions! As for their servers, they are really fast.
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As you may know, the truth comes out of comparison, so I'd recommend these hosts:
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