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Started by 1234567471234, Aug 05, 2022, 01:29 PM

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What are the main differences between VPS hosting, shared hosting or dedicated hosting? What are the main advanatges of eash of them? Which one should a begginer better choose? Are there any possible drawbacks and how to overcome them?


For beginners and owners of small sites or blogs, it is better to choose shared hosting. It's cheaper and easier to manage. A VPS hosting is more suitable for online stores and powerful sites. On a common hosting, all sites are located on the same server on an equal footing. A VPS hosting is a space allocated on a server exclusively for a single site. Nothing prevents the site from working on a VPS hosting, but it is more difficult to manage it.

Edison Duncan

The main difference between them is that these are completely different types of hosting. Let's go in order.
Shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting rental. Here the idea is that the hoster allocates space, resources (RAM and processor) for a whole grid of users. This means that 10 users (more or less) can be assigned to one machine and share these resources.
VPS is a type of technology in which a host uses the virtualization of its physical space to rent on the Internet. It works on the principle of the past, however, each user has his own ip and is isolated from the rest of the block participants.
Dedicated hosting - a type of lease where the user is given control of a specific physical machine, i.e. he does not share it with anyone. It is these hostings that are the most powerful.