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Started by PeterParker, Oct 01, 2022, 02:46 AM

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Hello Guys! I am new to the topic of hosting selection. I have heard that virtual hosting is the most suitable for beginners, but I do not know what to do if the load on my site increases.I understand that in this case it is better to choose VPS hosting, can you tell me something about them, maybe someone has encountered this?


Shared hosting is an excellent choice not only for beginners, moreover, if the load on the site increases, you can always increase the amount of leased memory. In any case, it will be stable access to the site. The main thing is to choose a fairly loyal and universal hosting.


A virtual dedicated server emulates the operation of a separate physical server. Multiple virtual servers can be running on a single machine.
In addition to some obvious limitations, each virtual server provides full and independent control and management, as provided by its usual dedicated server. Each virtual server has its own processes, resources, configuration and separate administration.

the advantages of VPS hosting include the following:
Cost. This is a crucial factor for any business, and it is in cost that dedicated servers are an order of magnitude superior to their virtual counterparts. Even renting a physical server is quite expensive, and buying a full-fledged and powerful machine costs several thousand, or even tens of thousands of dollars.
Independence from hardware failures. VPS servers are not physically tied to the hardware, therefore, in case of its failure, they can easily be copied and transferred to another machine.

The responsibility for the operation of the equipment lies with the service provider. It is known that any, even the best equipment has a service life and becomes obsolete. If the VPS servers are owned by you, then we take care of their maintenance and replacement of the failed parts of the physical servers. If you rent a VPS server, then the responsibility for the hardware lies with the service provider.
Guaranteed monopoly ownership of hardware resources.
In the case of using a VPS web server, it is guaranteed that all allocated hardware resources (RAM, processor, hard disk) will belong only to you. No one else will be able to use the hardware resources allocated to you. This makes the work of the VPS server fast and independent of other clients.