VPS hosting options with unlimited cPanel installs licenses per VPS? (other than

Started by nick_sinigamy, Jun 27, 2022, 10:35 AM

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VPS hosting options with unlimited cPanel installs licenses per VPS? (other than Bluehost)
Does anyone know of any hosts that offer a VPS with a license for unlimited cPanel installs? I know that Bluehost does, but I've been unable to find any others.

I contacted various hosts and they all had rates for cPanel, none that I contacted other than Bluehost offered unlimited.

LiquidWeb pointed me here: https://www.liquidweb.com/kb/pricing-breakdown/

Hostwinds said:
The pricing structure of the cPanel license for VPSServers is as follows:
1-5 Accounts - $15.00/mo
6-30 Accounts - $21.00/mo
31-50 Accounts - $30.00/mo
51-100 Accounts - $38.50/mo
101-150 Accounts - $41.50/mo
For every 50 accounts beyond 150, the price goes up by $6.00/mo
InMotion said:
"5 cPanel Licenses Included" means that your first 5 cPanels accounts on your server are available at no additional cost.

List of additional cPanel licenses:

cPanel Pro 30 + $10.40
cPanel Plus 50 + $14.30
cPanel Premier 100 + $19.50
cPanel Premier 150 + $25.50
cPanel Premier 200 + $31.50
cPanel Premier 250 + $37.50
DigitalOcean said:
We are happy to provide further information about cPanel Licenses. When you install cPanel, by default there is a trial period that lasts for 15 days. Once that trial is over, you will need to purchase a License from cPanel directly, or from an official licensed vendor.

You can find more information about cPanel licenses at the below resource:

Once your license is purchased and your Droplet IP is added you will be able to continue to use cPanel after the trial period. You will renew your license through cPanel and not through DigitalOcean.
I also contacted some other hosts and they said similar things, they didn't offer unlimited.

Are there still VPS hosts other than Bluehost that offer unlimited cPanel accounts?


BlueHost don't provide "unlimited" cPanel accounts - no reputable host can do that. For example a 1000-account cPanel licence can cost a host $150+ in licence fees per month.

I think the confusion or misleading is that they let you have "Unlimited Domains" which could easily be accounted for under add-on domains and not 1 cPanel account per domain.


HostDime bought out that pricing on the first round of price increases. I think they may still honour it as I think you need a 'managed server' which tends to be higher priced any way.

There original pricing for managed use to include CPanel, then they added a $45 on top for unlimited account.


Most VPS don't have a control panel and you can only manage the server using the command line.
 Fortunately, you can install the control panel on your VPS too! You can manage the entire server using web hosting control panel.

 This includes creating and managing services and applications, working with FTP, email and database and accounts, etc. You can even install the same control panel that you previously used, so you will easily move data from shared hosting to VPS.
Most commercial control panels are quite expensive if you buy an independent, single license, including cPanel. You can get a Cpanel VPS directly from a web  hosting provider. You can use free and open source, such as: Webmin control panel, Vesta, Ajenti, Sentora, Kloxo, Virtualmin or any other open source control panel.