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Started by arthyk, Sep 11, 2022, 06:16 AM

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arthykTopic starter

Tell me who is in the know, you need vps / vds hosting for mass mailings to subscribers.
I understand that subscribers are sometimes "not quite loyal".
In this regard, I would like to know offers for such hosting with a normal attitude towards mass mailings. Virtualization - KVM.


Let's take Amazon SES, they will allow you to send 62000 emails per month without any charges, they have mechanisms of working with bounces, etc. Among the advantages, I would highlight the fact that it is the largest and coolest provider, which is why it has a low probability of getting your mailings in spam. This is important, right?
But the api and descriptions are terrible, of course.

I also bought a new VPS in DO with a unique ip, but as it turned out later, the address was already blacklisted. Just spammers squeeze everything out of the ip, and as soon as it gets to the blacklist, "leak", and the hosts quietly sell it to you.
That's how it goes..


With caution, such services are now provided. Despite the fact that 95% of spammers claim that they have white mailings, and after the break they claim that they were hаcked. This is an extra hemorrhoid and nerves for the provider.
It is better to save in front of such a client than to butt heads with a spamhouse and listen to their nonsense.