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Started by Plan, Jun 17, 2022, 10:41 AM

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PlanTopic starter

I have a business website hosted on Ionos using a VPS with Debian 10 Linux. There have been two recent outages, one due to technical difficulties and the other because my payment was delayed.

 To prevent future issues, I am considering having a backup server in case Ionos fails. While Contabo is known for being inexpensive but unreliable, I'm curious if there are cheaper options available.
However, since the likelihood of needing a backup server is low, it may not be necessary.


There are likely many suitable options for your needs in the VPS hosting offers section of the forum.

 If you only need a temporary failover VPS, it may not need to be an exact replica of your current VPS in terms of hardware. It could potentially have lower RAM and CPU but the same amount of storage. This would provide some flexibility in finding a budget-friendly option that is still reliable enough to handle failover situations.

Mendook Vilno

If you take something from the cheap segment, you will hardly find something cheaper than $0.5/month. If you still decide to keep one more base for emergency cases and cheap, then there is also Verpex (Verpex Cloud Hosting). The price there is minimal with the possibility of a refund within 45 days. True, I still do not advise contacting VPS with a price level of up to $3 (everything is simple - they often fall).

Adam Greer

After conducting an analysis of several different VPS services, I found that ultravds.com was the most suitable option for me. Their personal account is easy to navigate, and you can change the web server configuration on the fly.

Additionally, they offer advance notifications about lease renewal and an affiliate program to offset costs. However, their customer support is not very clear, and some colleagues have reported issues with account blocks on Instagram. There are also limits on traffic, processor performance, and disk system performance, which can lead to issues and costly upgrades. As a result, I switched to a more expensive plan with SDD drives but have still experienced occasional slowdowns.

Recently, I decided to test zomro.com, as it was suggested to me as a good and budget-friendly VPS server.


It's a good idea to plan for contingencies to ensure the availability of your business website. Here are some steps and considerations to help you decide whether to invest in a backup server and explore alternative hosting options:

1. **Assess the Importance of Uptime**: Consider how critical uptime is for your business. If your website being down can result in significant revenue loss or damage to your reputation, having a backup server becomes more important.

2. **Cost vs. Benefit Analysis**:
  - Compare the potential cost of downtime to the cost of setting up and maintaining a backup server. Consider lost sales, customer trust, and other intangible costs.
  - Explore different hosting providers to find cost-effective options. Some providers offer more reliable services at competitive prices.

3. **Backup Server Options**:
  - Look into cloud-based solutions like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure. They provide scalable options, allowing you to easily set up a backup server when needed.
  - Evaluate VPS providers other than Contabo. Some budget-friendly options might still offer reasonable reliability.

4. **Load Balancing**: Instead of a dedicated backup server, you can implement load balancing. This involves distributing traffic across multiple servers. If one server fails, traffic is automatically redirected to another, ensuring uptime.

5. **Scheduled Backups**: Regularly back up your website's data and configurations. In case of an outage, you can quickly restore your site on a different server if needed.

6. **Monitoring and Alerts**: Implement monitoring tools that can notify you of server issues in real-time. This allows you to take action before an outage affects your website's visitors.

7. **Review Ionos Services**: Investigate why Ionos experienced outages. It could be specific to their services or configurations. Contact their support to discuss ways to improve reliability.

8. **Payment Management**: Ensure your payment method is set up for automatic renewal to avoid service interruptions.

9. **Disaster Recovery Plan**: Develop a detailed disaster recovery plan outlining the steps to take in case of an outage. This should include server migration or failover procedures.

10. **Technical Expertise**: Ensure you or your team have the technical expertise to manage a backup server or work with a reliable hosting provider.

There are several VPS (Virtual Private Server) providers that offer reliable services at competitive prices. Here are some popular and reputable options known for their cost-effectiveness:

1. **DigitalOcean**:
  - Known for its simplicity and developer-friendly interface.
  - Offers a range of pricing plans with scalable resources.

2. **Vultr**:
  - Provides a variety of plans with competitive pricing and a global network of data centers.
  - Simple and straightforward pricing structure.

3. **Linode**:
  - Offers competitive pricing with a good reputation for reliability and performance.
  - Multiple data center options to choose from.

4. **Scaleway**:
  - Known for its affordability and flexible plans.
  - Provides options for both standard and ARM-based VPS.

5. **AWS Lightsail**:
  - Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a simplified VPS service with a predictable pricing model.
  - Easily integrates with other AWS services if needed.

6. **Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Compute Engine**:
  - Offers a pay-as-you-go model, providing cost-efficient options.
  - Reliable infrastructure and integration with other Google Cloud services.

7. **OVHcloud**:
  - Known for its competitive pricing and a wide range of hosting solutions, including VPS.
  - Offers both standard and high-performance VPS options.

8. **Kamatera**:
  - Provides a customizable VPS solution with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.
  - Global data center locations and scalable resources.

9. **Hetzner Cloud**:
  - Known for its competitive pricing and high-performance VPS hosting.
  - Data centers in Germany and Finland.

10. **A2 Hosting**:
    - Offers VPS hosting with a focus on speed and performance.
    - Known for its Turbo Boost option for faster website loading times.

11. **Hostinger**:
    - Provides budget-friendly VPS hosting plans with good scalability.
    - Data centers in multiple locations worldwide.

12. **DreamHost**:
    - Offers VPS hosting with managed and unmanaged options.
    - Known for its commitment to sustainability.

13. **Bluehost**:
    - A well-known hosting provider with VPS plans suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.
    - Offers a range of hosting services and has good customer support.

14. **InMotion Hosting**:
    - Known for its reliable hosting services and excellent customer support.
    - Offers both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting.

15. **1&1 IONOS**:
    - Provides VPS hosting options with a variety of plans and configurations.
    - Good for users who prefer an all-in-one hosting solution.


I am a webmaster and have had many host over the years, none of them stood behind what they said. RegVPS.com does.
Highly recommend for anyone who wants an inexpensive, easy to user hosting provider.


Nice deals are available from time-tested companies: libertyvps.net and legionbox.com.
They are an excellent choice for web hosting. They are reasonably priced, provide excellent email-based support, and are incredibly reliable. I have really enjoyed working with them. Two thumbs up!