Wanted cheap VPS, only used to be used if my own is down.

Started by Plan, Jun 17, 2022, 10:41 AM

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PlanTopic starter

I have a company website <<snipped>> hosted using Ionos, where I have a VPS (2 GB RAM, 80 GB disk space, 2 virtual cores) on Debian 10 Linux. There have been two long outages in the last couple of years.

* A technical problem at their end.
* I was late making a payment as a debit card had expired. I updated the payment, then about 6 hours AFTER receiving confirmation that the payment had been received, the account was locked. It was locked for about 8 hours.

It got me thinking it might be worth having a backup webserver somewhere, which I could point the nameservers too if Ionos failed. Now I know Contabo is cheap, and have a pretty poor reputation. But is there anyone cheaper? The chances of me actually wanting to use the service in any one year is quite remote, and will only be if Ionos has technical problems.


You should be able to find many offers in the VPS hosting offers section of WHT for your needs.

Also, in case it is only as a temporary failover VPS, maybe you don't even need an exact replica of your current VPS in terms of hardware. It can be much lesser RAM and CPU (obviously storage may have to stay the same), which would give you some more cussion in finding a reliable budget VPS to handle the failover situations.

Mendook Vilno

If you take something from the cheap segment, you will hardly find something cheaper than $0.5/month. If you still decide to keep one more base for emergency cases and cheap, then there is also Verpex (Verpex Cloud Hosting). The price there is minimal with the possibility of a refund within 45 days. True, I still do not advise contacting VPS with a price level of up to $3 (everything is simple - they often fall).

Adam Greer

I use ultravds.com. After analyzing a dozen different services in terms of price / performance of the service, ultravds turned out to be the most suitable.
What I liked about ultravds:

Convenient personal account, everything is logically clear from the first time;
You can change the web server configuration (i.e. increase or decrease performance) on the fly, the new settings are applied after a reboot and all server data is preserved;
There are advance notifications about the need to renew the server when the lease period ends;
There is an affiliate program, according to which you can partially recoup the cost of the server by inviting interested people to the service;
A fairly low cost of services (from $5) compared to similar services.
What I didn't like about ultravds:

Somewhat strange support. Before registering, I wrote to support and asked a direct question - can I use the Instagram promotion program on their server, they asked in return how much incoming and outgoing traffic this program will have. Of course, I did not know this, because. it's hard to predict. In general, I did not receive a clear answer, and yet I decided to try to register;
Some colleagues working with Instagram said that ultravds blocks accounts without explanation, and as a result, the time and effort spent are lost, and even worse, all the data left on the server. Personally, everything was ok with this, so I assume that the blocked users themselves were somehow to blame;
Although there is an affiliate program, it will not allow you to earn any significant money.  But even at the same time, there is a restriction that this meager percentage allows you to receive only for 1 year. And then - goodbye, "partner"! Apparently, the guys are not familiar with the Win-Win rule - i.e. Everyone should benefit from partnership. Bring real customers for a penny? Well, no, it's not interesting, if only by chance and then if there is no alternative. But she is;
The most unpleasant minus of ultravds turned out to be the so-called limit on everything that is possible: a limit on traffic, a limit on processor performance, a limit on disk system performance. It was the last one - the limit on the HDD - after about six months of use, it began to bother me extremely with warnings that I was exceeding the limit. And with 3 such excesses, the server is blocked. And he was really blocked 1 time, and on the 2nd time such a blocking is done forever, but I didn't want to risk it.
As a result, this forced me to switch to a more expensive plan (twice as expensive as the current one), which uses SDD drives.

For the first week on the new tariff, everything seemed to work a little faster + these stupid messages about limits disappeared. But still there were occasional drawdowns. It was not very comfortable to work. And all this for double the cost of services.

Zomro.com virtual server
A few months ago, I was suggested a good and budget VPS server zomro.com. Which I gladly decided to test.

What I liked about zomro.com:

Price. It is definitely one of the lowest on the market - $ 2.9. And this +- is enough to work on promotion on Instagram, if you are ready to endure small server lags, spend more time working, but pay less. At the start, this will definitely be enough, and as needed, you can increase productivity by switching to the next tariff for $ 5.9;
There are super budget VPS tariffs for the "most economical hosts" from $0.99 :) Perhaps someone does not need high performance - it's quite a working option;
There is a pretty interesting affiliate program. By attracting customers to the service, you can receive 40% of all payments for virtual hosting services and 20% of all payments for virtual and dedicated servers. This works for life (at least as long as the service exists). If you attract more than 700 clients, you can increase your% and agree on special conditions. Everything, as they say, is in your hands.
Good support. In any case, when contacting through a personal account, they respond quickly, even despite the late time.
What I didn't like about zomro.com:

Very inconvenient user interface. After working for a week and poking through all the sections - you can get used to it, but it's still a tin;
There is no way to change the server configuration on the fly.
This is, it is impossible to change the tariff of your server with your own hands, saving all the data on it. To change the tariff, you need to rent a new server at the tariff you need, then write to support to transfer all the data and the remaining unused funds to the new web server. Such an inconvenience, although not very critical, just requires more attention and time to itself.