Quality VPN with servers from Abkhazia, Iran, Libya and other exotic countries

Started by Connon Bootman, Jul 29, 2022, 04:30 AM

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Connon BootmanTopic starter

Hello. For a long time I was looking for a hosting that offers an entry point from Libya and Abkhazia and - lo and behold! I found one. 3 months ago, I opened a VPS at exservers.net. The company offers VPS and Dedicate servers in countries such as:
  • Iran
  • Lebanon
  • Abkhazia
  • Turkey (only VPS)
  • Brazil
  • Venezuela
  • Panama
  • Chile.
I want to note that the other day the cost increased a little (up to $25), but the servers began to work much better.
It may not be the best deal in terms of price, but if you need a VPS/Dedicate in these regions, then this is one of the unique offers.


Cost: 48-289 euros per year, depending on the set of functions; there is a free version.
Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Android TV, Chromebook.
VPN service with maximum emphasis on security and support for P2P/BitTorrent peer‑to-peer networks.
This is an open source project, which guarantees that there is no collection of user data, such as their personal information and browsing history. By the way, Proton VPN was originally created to protect activists and journalists who use ProtonMail.

The service has about 1,800 servers in 67 countries around the world, and the bandwidth is about 2 Gbit/s. ProtonVPN is headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland), where some of the strictest privacy laws apply.