Where to find cheap hosting

Started by OrangeMan, Aug 25, 2022, 04:21 AM

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OrangeManTopic starter

I need hosting for a site selling branded items in third world countries. By type Kazakhstan, Uganda, Rwanda, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. Just need not very expensive. That's why I'm turning here. After all, it seems to help here? If so, ask me questions. I also want to add that it would not heavily load my old laptop, although after a while it can be more powerful.

Ourel Augest

You got very excited by calling Kazakhstan and Estonia third world countries >:( , of course it all depends on what you are comparing 8) . You can register a site with a hosting provider with a 2nd level domain name, but for residents of Uganda, Rwanda, the ping will be deadly. There is another option - to use Kazakhstan hosting. For the inhabitants of Estonia, this will be acceptable, as well as for Kazakhstan, but the inhabitants of other countries will suffer, although not so much. For example, ps.kz/hosting offers hosting services for $2.5.