Answers to frequently asked questions about the choice of VPS

Started by Cody Babcock, Nov 07, 2022, 09:47 AM

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Cody BabcockTopic starter

Reading the forum, I came across that many people ask the same question: how to choose a VPS, and also what is the difference between VPS and VDS. I decided to collect a topic with hints for frequently asked questions.

1. How is VPS different from VDS?
If you do not go deep into the forest, then nothing. In fact, hosters classify virtual servers into segments of virtualization technology - VPS based on OpenVZ technology, and VDS based on KVM and Xen, but you can also find the opposite side, that is, you need to rely on technology, and not on virtualization itself.

2. How to choose a VPS. How to choose a tariff?

No one will give you a clear answer, but there are a few tips:
1) Look at consumed resources and memory requirements of scripts.
2) Be guided by the allocated budget (a high price can drown the server)
3) Use private (independent) resources to compare hosters for price and performance.


When choosing a VPS, I first of all pay attention to such a moment as whether it is managed or unmanaged. If the hosting owner takes control, then this is a 'managed' hosting. In the case of 'unmanaged', you are responsible for the administration.

Unmanaged hosting is only possible for specialists, or people with considerable experience in such work. Again, when choosing such a host, you should pay special attention to the "type" of management that is required, its complexity and the tariff plan as a whole.