Where to order VPS/VDS for 1-3 days?

Started by ShreeVaghani, Aug 12, 2022, 03:31 AM

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ShreeVaghaniTopic starter

Which hosting providers have the opportunity to order VPS / VDS for 1-1 days with automatic installation, so as not to wait a day for the hosting to manually install and configure?
From time to time I need to test the website. Where is it better to take for such purposes?


you can find VPS for $3-$5 per month
and even cheaper if you pay for a year
if often required - then the test is not such a big expense
or "get hooked" with someone you know)

some companies give a test for 1-3 days if you strongly ask. but the second time is not likely to give.


I bought a virtual server with a free trial period of 14 days. The server itself costs $3.5 per month. But from the lungs to 1 core. If you take 4 or 6 cores, then the price there is of course different. But when you are a commercial company, every second counts.

Anthony Brooks

I recommend that you use the hourly pay service. Look here - aeza.net/en/virtual-servers offers VPS services for 0.02 Euro per hour or 6 Euro per month (the price depends on the package). There are other options - renting a VPS with a test period (that is, you are given 7-60 days to test, and then you must pay). One of the options - vpswala.org