Where to order VPS/VDS for 1-3 days?

Started by ShreeVaghani, Aug 12, 2022, 03:31 AM

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ShreeVaghaniTopic starter

Which hosting providers have the opportunity to order VPS / VDS for 1-1 days with automatic installation, so as not to wait a day for the hosting to manually install and configure?
From time to time I need to test the website. Where is it better to take for such purposes?


you can find VPS for $3-$5 per month
and even cheaper if you pay for a year
if often required - then the test is not such a big expense
or "get hooked" with someone you know)

some companies give a test for 1-3 days if you strongly ask. but the second time is not likely to give.


I bought a virtual server with a free trial period of 14 days. The server itself costs $3.5 per month. But from the lungs to 1 core. If you take 4 or 6 cores, then the price there is of course different. But when you are a commercial company, every second counts.

Anthony Brooks

I recommend that you use the hourly pay service. Look here - aeza.net/en/virtual-servers offers VPS services for 0.02 Euro per hour or 6 Euro per month (the price depends on the package). There are other options - renting a VPS with a test period (that is, you are given 7-60 days to test, and then you must pay). One of the options - vpswala.org


We provide new customers with a bonus $10 to the account account, which can be used within 14 days from the moment of activation to create VPS / VDS servers and free testing of our cloud hosting.
The trial period is terminated if the accrued balance is completely exhausted. If unused funds remain in your account after 14 days from the start of the trial period, they will be debited, however, if you decide to start commercial use of the service before the end of the trial period, the unspent funds will remain in your account. You can find out more about our tariffs in the section "Tariffs and prices".

This approach to providing a test period allows us to offer our new users for a free test the entire range of available configurations.
During the trial period, you will be able to subscribe to the paid plan yourself, saving all your settings.



Beyond finding which web hosts are out there, it's a matter of digging through different plans and checking customer reviews.
As I know, pretty good well-balanced VPS hosting solutions are offered by these hosts:
1) Mddhosting.com
2) Cloudarion.com
3) Exmasters.com
They are optimized for application hosting and provide more security, reliability and speed than traditional web hosts.
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It's true, many people aren't aware of how inexpensive web hosting is.
The key is finding a web hosting provider that can provide excellent customer support.