Why is VPS better than shared hosting?

Started by jackgrant1, Nov 19, 2022, 12:45 AM

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 Recently I started to get interested in vps. This is our own personal server that we rent from companies, as I understand it, and hosting is a dedicated place from the company.
The question arises, who will rent a vps and hire a separate person who will monitor all this if you can rent hosting more expensive and if there are problems, contact technical support?
What are the advantages of VPS over expensive shared hosting?


Well, as you correctly understood that shared web hosting is set up for you, the php/mysql/apache version is strictly regulated and changes (if they change) only upon request to support, you are usually given access to the control panel - where possible you will be given an interest to install an add. modules to PHP for example.
On a VPS, you do everything yourself, perhaps only the OS will be installed from a template. Then you pay for the admin or admin yourself, but put what you need.
When this is not enough for you, and you get tired of sharing resources on virtual machines, the next stage is Dedicated Server (hardware is all yours) or collocation when you put your own at the hosting provider.


If you need to host web site that does not consume a lot of resources and does not require special settings - yes, shared hosting is more profitable for money, the hosting provider admins themselves monitor timely software updates, optimally configure the server.

But in fact, you have a separate folder in which your site files are located, the rest of the resources (processor, memory) you use together with other server clients.
 If your site requires a lot of resources, it is not economically profitable to stay on shared hosting, since the unit cost of resources on hosting is higher than on a VPS or on a dedicated server. Naturally, the economic feasibility of switching to VPS must be calculated taking into account the cost of administration services.
If you need a billing system besides the site, a remote PBX is already only a virtual or dedicated server.


Another feature of the VPS is the ability to create sandboxes and honeypots. These are methods of testing software updates and features while keeping the main site secure. Your company uses one of its VPS partitions for its main site and another one as a backup.

Pretty good VPS hosting solutions you'll find at Rightservers.com, Midphase.com and Centohost.com
They are optimized for application hosting and provide more security, reliability and speed than traditional web hosts.


shared (virtual) hosting is a communal apartment where everyone only has their own private room. And VPS is an apartment building where everyone has their own full–fledged housing with reliable isolation from neighbors.
It is advantageous to use shared hosting when you have small projects running on popular CMS systems, or even simple HTML pages/landing pages.

If the attendance of projects is large or a non-standard configuration of the environment is needed (any specific software products that are not available in shared hosting), it is worth using VPS web servers.
But whatever the type of hosting, a lot depends on the service provider (on the quality of its services and on its infrastructure).