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Started by RoyJones, Oct 13, 2022, 03:41 AM

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RoyJonesTopic starter

There is a domain on the masterhost that suffers severely from spam.
Filters from web hosting side are enabled + there is a local Kerio, which, if configured a little stricter, already begins to cut normal correspondence. Together they catch about a third of spam at most.
I tried to turn on dmarc, it turned out that the masterhost had only started supporting DKIM for a couple of weeks, and in general everything is done only manually, and it is unclear whether it will still work. I'm thinking about transferring the MX record to another hosting, who would you recommend?

Technically, the domain is delegated to the masterhost, registered respectively in the management center.
What will happen if you upload hosting on the rucenter, rewrite the MX record on this hosting on the masterhost? Ie. it is clear that the mail will be redirected, but will Dkim and so on pull? If not, will it be necessary to order DNS hosting for this domain on the registrar? Will he allow dcim, d mark to be registered there, or will delegation not allow it?
Thanks in advance for your tips.


Those who do not have money are engaged in scripting.
You can both write your own rules, and be weird with checking each letter by sending it to some Google mailbox and checking the appearance of the letter in the inbox folder of this mailbox, on the basis of which to make a decision.
Or do you want a super service for free and not to do anything yourself?